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Top-10 most popular sharpening products

Top-10 most popular sharpening products

Many of our customers often ask us: “What is the best sharpening product?” That question doesn’t have an easy answer. After all, it really comes down to your situation. Which knives do you wish to sharpen? How much time do you want to spend on sharpening your knives? Do you mind learning how to sharpen your knives? What is your budget?

Out of all the different sharpening methods we selected the 10 best-selling sharpening products. Each with their own characteristics and benefits. As such you will get a clear overview of all the different options. For more information on the different sharpening methods please check out this overview. Furthermore, more information can be found on our Sharpening University page.

Skerper Basic sharpening set 180/600/1000/3000 with ceramic sharpening steel, SH004
  • Affordable whetstones of excellent quality
  • Grit 180/160 – For re-shaping the edge of a dull blade
  • Grit 1000/3000 – For keeping your knives razor-sharp
  • Ceramic sharpening rod for daily maintenance of sharp knives
  • €58.5068.85
Work Sharp Multi-Sharpener Ken Onion Edition
  • Guided sharpening angle between 15 and 30 degrees
  • Includes 5 sharpening belts
  • Suitable for all kitchen- and outdoor knives, axes, chisels and even scissors
  • Sharpening Reference Chart helps you to find the correct sharpening procedure for your knife
  • €199.95
Package deal Naniwa Professional whetstones, grid 400 / 1000 / 3000
  • Japanese water stones of absolute top quality
  • Grain 400 - Suitable for: restoring the edge on blunt knives
  • Grain 1000 - Suitable for sharpening knives with a reasonable edge
  • Grain 3000 - Suitable for finishing off an edge to make it sharper then off-factory
  • €172.70215.85
Spyderco- 204MF Sharpmaker
  • Guided sharpening angle can be set between 30 and 40 degrees (15 and 20 degrees for single side sharpening)
  • Two grinding stages, two ways to position the rods
  • Extra sharpening rods available for even better results
  • Hand protection by brass rods (included)
  • €89.90119.95
Skerper Professional sharpening set 220/1000/2000/5000, dressing stone + holder
  • Affordable Japanese whetstones of superior quality
  • Grit 220 – For re-shaping the fold of very blunt knives
  • Grit 1000 – For sharpening knives that are already in good condition
  • Grit 2000 – For creating a much sharper edge than the factory-finish
  • Grit 5000 – For creating and polishing a razor-sharp edge
  • €153.35170.40
Edge Pro Apex 4, sharpening system
  • High value sharpening system for sharpening a blunt knife to mirror-edge polished finish
  • Very complete set
  • Adjustable guided sharpening angle
  • Comes in a convenient carrying case
  • €269.00
Wicked Edge Pro-Pack 2 sharpening system (2017)
  • Dry sharpening with diamond sharpening stones
  • Very complete set
  • Adjustable guided sharpening angle
  • Suitable for sharpening very blunt knives, as well as providing a mirror-edge polish finish
  • €749.00
Lansky De Luxe Sharpening System
  • Many additional sharpening stones and accessories available
  • Adjustable guided sharpening angle
  • With an additional sharpening stone, you can even sharpen serrated knives
  • Compact system, easy to store
  • €53.9569.95
Shapton Glass Stone HR sharpening set grit 500, 2000 and 8000, 50308
  • Affordable and superior quality Japanese whetstones
  • Grain 500 - For restoring very blunt knives
  • Grain 2000 - For making your knives sharper than factory knives
  • Grain 8000 - For razor-sharp knives
  • Shapton Glass Stone sharpening stone holder. For comfortable sharpening jobs.
  • €144.60180.75
Chef'sChoice CC120 knife sharpener, platinum
  • Fast sharpening system
  • Easy to use
  • For 3-step sharpening jobs
  • Perfect for European and Asian knives
  • €164.95219.00