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Benefits of Japanese water stones

With Japanese water stones, you will get your knives much sharper than you would with other sharpening equipment, such as electric sharpening machines and ' handy' pull-through sharpeners, where all you have to do is pull your knife through the slots.

And what's more, because of the fine and correct structure of the sharpened knife, the knife will retain its sharpness much longer than it would using other sharpening methods! Using a Japanese water stone to sharpen your knife also guarantees that your knife will remain thin and this is just as important as the sharpness of your knife to ensure excellent cutting performance.

Fast results

Japanese water stones achieve quicker results than other sharpening stones thanks to the wide range of grit sizes, the self-cleansing properties of the stones (Japanese water stones do not become clogged up and remain sharp) and also the large working surface (our stones are full size).

Always a sharp knife

If you use Japanese water stones , you do not have to wait for your knife to become dull before you sharpen it again. With fine grit stones (from grain 1,000), you can safely re-sharpen your knife regularly without wearing it down very much. With a Japanese water stone, your knife will always be sharp.