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FLEXXX STROPS: great strops for every knife afficionado

The FLEXXX STROPS are popular with many outdoor lovers. FLEXXX STROPS was created by Paul, who spent years perfecting his sharpening skills. In the end Paul arrived at sharpening on leather. He made his first leather strop and noticed that after a little practice, the results were amazingly good. He shared his strops with some friends and other people who are after the razor-sharp finish. A top quality FLEXXX STROP will get you that razor-sharp edge for years and years to come.

 FLEXXX STROPS Pro Field II strop FLX02, pre-loaded

Stropping paddle to use in the field

 FLEXXX STROPS Outlaw Paddle FLX03, pre-loaded

Stropping paddle with convenient handle

 FLEXXX STROPS Signature Field strop FLX01, pre-loaded

Stropping paddle for use in the field

 FLEXXX STROPS Rudi's Paddle strop FLX04

Very large stropping paddle, ideal for all types of knives

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