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Getting your garden ready for winter? Use the best pruning tools.

Summer is almost over. The perfect time to start getting your garden ready for winter. October and September are the perfect months to prepare your garden for winter. Remove one-year-old plants, protect older plants from frost, plant new flower bulbs for spring and don’t forget to prune your plants and bushes. Pruning is important for the growth of plants and shrubs in your garden. But you could also prune to shape a hedge or boxwood.

Whatever you are planning to prune always make sure to use tools with sharp blades to make sure the pruning wounds are minimal and recover faster. For each task you can find the perfect pruning shears. Pruning small branches and bushes up to two cm is best with pruning shears. Branches up to four centimetres need branch loppers and to prune branches larger than four centimetres we recommend using a pruning saw. Shaping bushes or pruning in a straight line is easier with razor-sharp hedge shears.

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