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What is a good spotting scope?

Are you unable to get an object close enough with your binoculars? If so a spotting scope could be a great idea. A spotting scope is a monocular with an incredibly strong magnification. You will look with one eye. And thanks to the high magnification factor you can see each little feather on the smallest type of bird, or identify that dot in the sky as that unique airplane you were dying to see. In many cases the magnification factor of a scope can be adjusted between approximately 20x and 40x. This means that the magnification is about five times larger as on regular binoculars. The strong magnification factor of a spotting scope, of course, also magnifies the movements of the scope itself. Place the spotting scope on a tripod and you can enjoy a stable image for hours and you don't have to carry the weight of the scope.

Best price-quality ratio spotting scope:

  1. Vanguard - Endeavor XF 80A - 20-60x80

    Vanguard - Endeavor XF 80A - 20-60x80

    • Magnification adjustable between 20 and 60
    • A large retractable lens hood
    • Rubber coated magnesium body
    • Filled with nitrogen-gas and waterproof
    In stock

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What do you need to pay attention to when purchasing a spotting scope?

Waterproof spotting scope

You, of course, take a spotting scope outside, looking for remarkable animals, even when it rains. It is then not practical when the image becomes cloudy because of moisture. For that reason it is important that a spotting scope is waterproof. The spotting scopes from our range have no trouble with this at all. In addition, the scopes won't fog up when exposed to large(r) differences in temperature. A big advantage!

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