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Other kitchen knives

 Zwilling Twin Gourmet peeler 6cm, 31600-060

Blade length: 6,4 cm Totale Length: 16,1 cm Weight: 36 gram

 Wüsthof Classic Bread Knife 23 cm, 4150

Blade length:
Overall length:

 Wusthof Gourmet worstmes

Blade length: 13.7 cm
Total length: 24.9 cm
Weight: 55 grams

 Zwilling Twin Gourmet vegetable knife 7cm, 31601-070

Blade length: 7,7 cm Totale Length: 17,3 cm Weight: 41 gram

 Zwilling Twin Gourmet steak knife 12cm, 31610-120

Blade length: 12,3 cm Totale Length: 22,4 cm Weight: 60 gram

 Wusthof Gourmet 6-piece, steak knife set, 9728

WÜSTHOF Gourmet 6-piece, steak knife set.

 WÜSTHOFGourmet Steak knife, 4050/12

Blade length: 12.1 cm
Total length: 23.2 cm
Weight: 55 gram

 Forge de Laguiole, T62MINB, steak knife set, horn tip

Luxurious 6-piece steak knife set with handles made from horn tip.

 Wüsthof Classic Cheese Knife 14 cm, 3103

Blade length: 12.2 cm
Overall length: 24.9 cm
Weight: 122 grams

 Wusthof Classic Cheese Knife 14 cm, 3102

Blade length: 13.5 cm
Overall length: 26 cm
Weight: 121 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Granton Vegetable Knife 8 cm, 4001

Blade length: 7.3 cm
Overall length: 17.3 cm
Weight: 62.0 grams

 Zwilling 30340-091 Twin Cuisine paring knife

Blade length:7.8 cm
Overall length: 19.5 cm
Weight: 135 grams

 Zwilling 30340-101 Twin Cuisine peeling knife

Blade length: 9.9 cm
Overall length: 21.4 cm
Weight: 130 grams

 Zwilling 30340-131 Twin Cuisine utility knife

Blade length: 12.8 cm
Overall length: 24.5 cm
Weight: 145 grams

 Zwilling 30340-161 Twin Cuisine carving knife

Blade length: 15.7 cm
Overall length: 30.3 cm
Weight: 275 grams

 Zwilling 30340-201 Twin Cuisine carving knife

Blade length: 19.6 cm
Overall length: 34.3 cm
Weight: 280 grams

 Zwilling 30343-181 Twin Cuisine Filleting knife

Blade length: 17.4 cm
Total length: 32.2 cm
Weight: 260 grams

 Zwilling 30344-141 Twin Cuisine boning knife

Blade length: 14 cm
Overall length: 28.5 cm
Weight: 255 grams

 Zwilling 30346-201 Twin Cuisine bread knife

Blade length: 19.5 cm
Overall length: 34.3 cm
Weight: 300 grams

 Zwilling 30348-181 Twin Cuisine Santoku, Granton edge

Blade length: 17.8 cm
Overall length: 32.7 cm
Weight: 243 grams

 Robert Herder paring knife

Famous paring knife made by Robert Herder in Solingen, Germany. Carbon steel blade, not stainless

 Wusthof Classic IKON White Bread Knife 20 cm (8")

Wusthof Classic Ikon White Bread Knife 20 cm / 8 inch

 Robert Herder K1 peeling knife, 9730.1475.04

Blade length:9.1 cm
Overall length: 20.5 cm
Weight: 35 grams

 EZ-Profi Oyster knife “Chefs edition”

Te EZ-Profi Oyster knife “Chefs edition” makes it easy to open oysters.

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