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Sharpening guides

Sharpening guides
€ 12.50
SKU: GL-H4560
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Set of 2 stainless guide rails to ease sharpening (kitchen) knives on a water stone. You slide them on the back of your knife and keep a constant angle very naturally. The inside of the guide rails has a plastic insert so that the chance of scratching your knife is minimal. To be sure, you can put a piece of tape on your blade to prevent scratches.

The set consists of 2 guide rails. The big one is for knives with a larger blade, while the small one is used on smaller knives. This provides an optimal sharpening angle.


  • Brand: Global, Minosharp
  • Type: sharpening guides
  • Series: not applicable
  • Number: 2 stuks
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Adjustable in length: no
  • Colour: black, grey
  • delivered as a set: yes
  • Storage box / etui: no
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects: 25 year
Artikelnr.: GL-H4560
Sharpening guides
in stock  
€ 12.50

Sharpening a Japanese knife
Japanese knives are sharpened using a much smaller angle than for instance European knives and are sometimes sharpened asymmetrical. Therefore these knives should never been sharpened on a sharpening device design for sharpening using a standard angle. Also we do not recommend sharpening these knives on a regular sharpening steel.
The ways to sharpen Japanese knives are:
- On a fine sharpening stone
- Using a ceramic or diamond coated sharpening steel.
- Using a water sharpener designed for Japanese knives

Free Service: Create your own logo on your knife
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Reviews     (7.5)   Average score from 5 review(s)
Naam: Mark , Egham
Datum: 21 January 2017

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations
This reviews comes from and has been translated for you by Google TranslateDoes the job well for me.
Naam: An avid cook, Bieldside
Datum: 09 March 2016

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations
This reviews comes from and has been translated for you by Google TranslateOkay, so I bought these as I wanted to be sure to maintain the same angle on my Global knives. However these are awkward to use. Particularly if you use a big knife (they work okay on little knives). I would recommend avoiding
Naam: Anoniem, Guildford
Datum: 19 January 2016

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations

Naam: Dan, Lecco
Datum: 18 March 2013

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations
This reviews comes from and has been translated for you by Google TranslateThe only downside: their shoulders should implement some replaceable ceramic insert, to durability extents when going up and down on the more grippy stones
Naam: Peter, London
Datum: 24 February 2011

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations
This reviews comes from and has been translated for you by Google TranslateThe rails only work on knives with a straight edge. You have to make sure that the rail is parallel to the end of the blade. If your blades curve at the ends, you cannot use these rails.