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Reuseable coffee filter for Senseo systems

Reuseable coffee filter for Senseo systems
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With this unique reusable coffee filter for Senseo systems you can safe lots of money, use your favourite kind of coffee, and still enjoy that special layer of cream that makes Senseo coffee so unique.

Since Philips introduced Senseo, the new way of making coffee, millions of Senseo coffee makers were sold.
The coffee pads however, are quite expensive, and although the coffee tastes pretty good, the selection of flavors is not too big.

With this coffee filter for Senseo coffee makers you can use your favourite brand of coffee. Even if you use the best coffee beans available, you will probably still end up a lot cheaper than with the expensive coffee pads.

The coffee filter will last for many years. Simply fill it with your favourite coffee, click on the filter top and use it as a normal coffee pad.
Artikelnr.: KT01007
Reuseable coffee filter for Senseo systems