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Chef’sChoice for ease of use and razor-sharp knives

Chef’sChoice electric sharpeners are manufactured by EdgeCraft in the US. The first Chef’sChoice was introduced on the market in 1985. It caused a true revolution as a DIY sharpener.

With a Chef’sChoice sharpener you can sharpen your kitchen knives in a few minutes to straight-out-of-the-factory standards. Most Chef'sChoice models sharpen in a 20 degree angle. That makes them suitable for the European knife brands. Although Asiatic knives are usually sharpened in a 15 degree angle, they can actually be sharpened with a Chef'sChoice. The cutting angle becomes larger, but the result remains razor-sharp.

Chef’sChoice models

When you buy a Chef’sChoice you purchase real quality. The machines sharpen in several steps (2 or 3 steps) with diamond discs. A professional sharpener is also available, the Chef'sChoice 2000. Specially designed for a professional environment where the qualities of this sharpener are used daily. A new module is also available for this machine to extend the lifespan under intensive use. The Chef'sChoice 120 has been popular with home consumers for years. A powerful engine drives the large diamond sharpening discs that sharpen your knife in no time. One of the latest models is the Chef'sChoice 220 Hybrid. The hybrid model is a lot more economic in price than the 120, but the results are definitely not lower. also carries a scissor sharpener by Chef’sChoice: model 500.

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 Chef'sChoice CC120 messenslijpmachine, geborsteld metaal

Messenslijpmachine die uw messen slijpt in 3 Stappen. Gebruikt gediamanteerde metalen schijven in Stap 1 en Stap 2, en een speciale aanzet/polijstschijf in Stap 3.

 Chef'sChoice - CC120 Knife Sharpening Machine

Patented 3- Stage professional knife sharpening machine. Incorporates conical 100% diamond coated disks in Stage 1 and Stage 2, and a revolutionary stropping/polishing disk in Stage 3.

 Chef'sChoice CC120 messenslijpmachine, rood

Messenslijpmachine die uw messen slijpt in 3 Stappen. Gebruikt gediamanteerde metalen schijven in Stap 1 en Stap 2, en een speciale aanzet/polijstschijf in Stap 3.

 Chef'sChoice CC220 Hybrid knife sharpening machine

Electric knife sharpener featuring two stages for sharpening kitchen knives and pocket knives.

 Chef'Choice - CC2000 Knife Sharpening Machine

Professional grade 2-stage knife sharpening machine. Uses diamond coated discs in Step 1, and ceramic discs in Step 2. With removable sharpening module.

 Chef's Choice - Messenslijpmachine 1520

Chef's Choice - Messenslijpmachine 1520

 Chef'sChoice - CC500 ScissorPro

Quality 'anyone-can-do-it' scissor sharpening machine.
Sharpens your scissors in 2 easy steps without overheating.
No need to disassemble your scissors before sharpening.
220 Volt version.

 Chef'sChoice Edge Crafter, diamond sharpening rod

Diamond sharpening rod, length: 25 cm.

 Chef'sChoice Sharpening Unit

Chef'sChoice Sharpening Unit for Sharpening Machine CC2000

 Chef'sChoice messenslijpmachine voor Aziatisch geslepen messen

Messenslijpmachine met diamanten slijpschijven voor Japans/Aziatisch geslepen messen.

 Chef's Choice Set Graping Wheels

Chef's Choice Set Graping Wheels for CC120

 Chef’sChoice CC490 scharenslijper

Scharenslijper die in twee fasen scharen slijpt

 Chef’sChoice CC2100 messenslijpmachine

Professionele elektrische messenslijpmachine die met gediamanteerde metalen schijven in drie fasen messen slijpt

 Chef’sChoice CC2100/SM 20 graden slijpmodule

Slijpmodule 20 graden voor de Chef’sChoice C2100

 Chef’sChoice CC2100/SM 15 graden slijpmodule

Slijpmodule 15 graden voor de Chef’sChoice C2100

 Chef’sChoice CC312 messenslijpmachine

Elektrische slijpmachine met 2 fasen voor het slijpen van keukenmessen en zakmessen

 Chef’sChoice CC270 Hybrid messenslijpmachine

Elektrische slijpmachine met 3 fasen voor het slijpen van keukenmessen en zakmessen

 Chef’sChoice Pronto 463 red, knife sharpener

2-Step knife sharpener

 Chef’sChoice ProntoPro 4643, knife sharpener

3-Step knife sharpener

 Chef’sChoice Pronto 464 black, knife sharpener

2-Step knife sharpener

 ChefsChoice - Messenslijpmachine CC700

ChefsChoice - Messenslijpmachine CC700

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