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Sakai Takayuki

Japanese craftsmanship

Sakai Takayuki; Japanese craftsmanship

The Sakai Takayuki knives are hand crafted in Sakai, Japan with much care and craftsmanship. The traditional Japanese kitchen knives are still made by real knife masters. These knives are extremely sharp out of the box, being finished by true sharpening masters. The knives are fully in line with Japanese cuisine, for the preparation of vegetables, meat and fish.
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Directly from Japan imports the knives by Sakai Takayuki directly from Japan. Therefore this exclusive product is offered at a very sharp price. The knives of Sakai Takayuki are an asset for the kitchen of a real cooking fan.

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 Sakai Takayuki santoku knife 18 cm, 07392

Blade length: 17.8 cm
Overall length: 31.8 cm
Weight: 180 grams

 Sakai Takayuki paring knife 15 cm, 07391

Blade length: 15.0 cm
Overall length: 25.4 cm
Weight: 90 grams

 Sakai Takayuki Damask chef's knife 24 cm

Blade length: 24.7 cm
Overall length: 39.9 cm
Weight: 162 grams

 Sakai Takayuki Damask chef's knife 18 cm

Blade length:18.7 cm
Overall length: 33.1 cm
Weight: 113 grams

 Sakai Takayuki Damask paring knife 15 cm

Blade length: 15.5 cm
Overall length: 28.6 cm
Weight: 70 grams

 Sakai Takayuki Damask santoku knife 18 cm

Blade length: 18.6 cm
Overall length: 33.0 cm
Weight: 125 grams

 Sakai Takayuki Damask carving knife 24 cm

Blade length: 24.7 cm
Overall length: 36.9 cm
Weight: 131 grams

 Sakai Takayuki Damask nakiri 16 cm

Blade length: 16.2 cm
Overall length: 31.2 cm
Weight: 138 grams

 Sakai Takayuki Damask chef's knife 21 cm

Blade length: 21.7 cm
Overall length: 36.4 cm
Weight: 141 grams

 Sakai Takayuki Damask two piece gift set

2-piece gift set, contains a santoku and paring knife.

 Sakai Takayuki Damask three piece gift set

3-piece gift set, contains a santoku-, nakiri- and paring knife

 Sakai Takayuki nakiri 17 cm, 07393

Blade length: 17.0 cm
Overall length: 30.1 cm
Weight: 190 grams

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