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Checklist: how to safely use an axe

An axe is a dangerous and sharp tool. Whether you use it on a daily basis or only occasionally: before you use the axe, it is wise to check out this checklist.

  • Is the head free from tears or cracks?
  • Is the handle still properly in place?
  • Is the piece of wood used to attach the handle to the head still properly in place?
  • Is the handle free from tears or cracks?
  • Is the handle still straight?
  • Is the axe still sharp, straight and in one piece?
  • No rust on the axe?

Can you answer all these questions positively? Great! You are ready to get to work. Do, however, always make sure that the axe doesn't start to show any of these defects as you use it. Is this the case? Stop using the axe until it is in great shape once again. An axe (or at least parts of the axe) can namely cause quite a lot of damage to yourself or your surroundings.

How to split wood safely? Check the video below!