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Nitecore TINI2 | Expert Review by Koen van der Jagt

The Nitecore TINI2 is the update of the amazingly small TINI. It does not only include an additional LED light, it now also comes with an informative OLED screen. This little bit of technology has got a lot to offer. Why don't you join me?

A mini light filled with technology

My first impressions

Teeny tiny, but still a 'mature' product. The double LED light, the screen, the lacquer and the shiny buttons look amazing on it. I am not a big fan of the EU legislation and waste separation symbol on the back. They are a little too conspicuous in my opinion. Other than that the product is great, I cannot find any imperfections in terms of construction and finish. Thanks to the built-in battery you never have to open the light. As such water and dust won't stand a chance. There is nothing wrong with it!

For those who cannot wait to try it out: you can try it while it is still in the packaging.

When and how

I cannot say it any other way: When won't you use it? You can use the TINI2 24/7! It will fit in any coat or pocket, can be attached to your keychain or stored in your bag. I have been carrying these types of lights for years and I love them. You will soon notice how great they are when something falls underneath your couch, you need to read your water meter, or if you are out walking and it gets dark sooner than expected. On the other hand you will understand that the TINI2 is not a search light. At its best it can reach up to 25 metres.

You can hang it from your keychain, but it won't look pretty after a while
I prefer to carry the TINI2 in the coin pocket of my jeans.

How is the TINI2 in terms of controls and comfort

Because the TINI2 is not enhanced with a programmable interface I do recommend reading the manual at least once. After that it will be easy. It is, after all, not that complicated. The DEMO and DAILY mode are great to use. The difference is that in the DEMO mode the light won't turn itself off after 30 seconds. As such you never end up with a dead battery. The switches lack grip, as does the whole light. You can attach the ring of the keychain to the TINI2 to make sure you also have enough grip if you have larger hands. With the lower button you can turn the light on and off, you use the top button to access the light and turbo modes. You cannot 'secure' this 500 lumen mode, but it can continuously be used for approx. 30 seconds. You switch between DEMO and DAILY by pressing both switches at once. The practical OLED screen will give you some information about the light mode and remaining battery time. Great option, except for the fact that the screen turns itself off too soon.

The TINI2 has two low light modes, amongst which a real 'moonlight mode'. Great for finding your way around the house without disturbing anyone. Those 30 seconds in the highest mode are long enough and help you save battery. You can fully charge the light in approx. one hour. Because of its low weight you can also use the TINI2 handsfree and hold it with your lips. Great if you are checking out the crawl space of your home!

This is what I love about the TINI2

The weight and the many options that are still easy to find: thanks to two programmable scenarios (DAILY and DEMO) and the 'short cuts' to the highest and lowest light mode. The OLED screen is also a great option: I am not bothered by it and it gives me some important information. The colour of the light is much better than that of its predecessor, the cold-white light was replaced by a more neutral shade with a proper colour rendering.

The double LED light provides you with a surprising amount of light and the colour rendering is great.

This could be better

I would have loved to have seen the on and off switch (a clicky) on the back. Experience has taught me that this is still the best protection from accidentally turning the light on, even though Nitecore added a double 'safety' feature. The cover that protects the USB-C port feels a little fragile; there is some room for improvement here as well.

Value for money?

The TINI2 isn't really cheap, there are many more lights in the same class that are much cheaper. However... these are not enhanced with an OLED screen or programmable interface, and are also less powerful. So if you are looking for a small light with many options and the most power I wouldn't be too picky about the price and go for this little piece of technology.

In between a Zippo and AA battery you can see how compact the TINI2 is.

My conclusion

A great light in terms of options and user-friendliness. I prefer to carry it in the (coin)pocket of my jeans. I think that if I hang it from my keychain, it won't 'survive'. Incredibly practical in and around the house, you will see how often you will start to depend on a light!


Pay close attention to the water and dustproof rating: the TINI2 adheres to the IP54 norm. This means that, despite the fact that it was made from 'one piece', it cannot be submerged in water for a longer period of time.

Last, but not least: the beamshots

This time I stayed in a rural area because this is where the TINI2 will stand out most. A dark path without street lights is the perfect place to show what this light is capable of! You can see that the ULTRALOW mode of 1 lumen is actually really low: this is only great inside.

Some additional images while holding the light and using the TURBO mode. I love the output, colour of the light and the beam distance.

Koen van der Jagt

Ever since he could walk Koen has been interested in lights, wires and batteries. As a child he was always working with dyno torches, bike lights and electrical boxes. The krypton and halogen lights were replaced by LED lights. A couple of years ago he discovered the ‘professional’ stuff. His first brands were Led Lenser and Fenix. Photography is also one of his hobbies. In addition to nature and meteorology Koen loves to show others what a light can do and what its beam looks like at night. Koen’s reviews can often be found on forums such as and Throughout the years Koen has collected lights in practically any category: from small and compact to enormous powerhouses.