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Head torches for at home: all-round and versatile

In and around the house a head torch will always be useful. When you are walking the dog or during hands-free maintenance jobs. It is wonderful to always have two hands free while you are working on something in the dark. Head torches for at home should be easy to use, rechargeable and, preferably, not too expensive. We have listed a couple of popular head torches.

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Head torches for maintenance jobs
Head torches as emergency lighting

Head torches when you are walking your dog

When you are walking your dog in the dark it is great to use a head torch. As a result you will have your hands free to hold the leash, but also when you are cleaning up after your pooch it is nice to have your hands free. And, don’t forget your safety! With a proper head torch others will also be able to see you. The fact that you can even keep an eye on your dog from a distance is an added bonus!

  1. Fenix HL40R Grey

    Fenix HL40R Grey

    • Maximum of 600 ANSI lumens, minimum of 4 ANSI lumens
    • Focusing light beam so you can switch between nearby and far away
    • Rechargeable via the built-in battery
    • Headband with reflection strips for additional visibility
    • Very compact, you can simply store it in your coat pocket to make sure you will always have it close
    Not available
  2. Petzl Actik Core E099GA00 head torch, black

    Petzl Actik Core E099GA00 head torch, black

    • Maximum of 300 ANSI lumens. Minimum of 1 ANSI-lumen
    • An individual control button for each LED light
    • Including red light for additional visibility
    • Including two alkaline batteries
    ± 2 weeks

Head torches for maintenance jobs

During maintenance jobs around the house it is important to have a compact light around that can hold its own. After all, you could bump your head and the torch could fall. The light output needs to be adjustable to make sure you won’t blind yourself by a light that is too bright up close, but also at a distance you need enough power to quickly find your tools and other materials.

  1. Fenix HM50R rechargeable headlight

    Fenix HM50R rechargeable headlight

    • Maximum of 500 ANSI lumens, minimum of 4 ANSI lumens
    • Rechargeable with the included 16340 battery
    • Comfortable silicone case and sustainable aluminium casing
    • Can also be removed from its case and used as an individual flashlight, and can stand upright
    In stock

Head torches as an emergency light

During a black-out it is always useful to have a head torch at hand. As such you will have both hands free to change a fuse, or play some cards to kill the time. Having a light close during a black-out means that you don’t have to start looking for batteries first. For this reason we chose torches that work with CR123A batteries. After all, you can leave those out for over ten years without them leaking or draining.

  1. Fenix HM23 head torch

    Fenix HM23 head torch

    • Maximum of 240 ANSI lumens, minimum of 4 ANSI lumens
    • Works with one AA battery
    • Comfortable silicone holder
    • Lamp is 180 degrees adjustable
    In stock
  2. Fenix HL50 LED-head torch

    Fenix HL50 LED-head torch

    • Maximum of 150 ANSI lumens, minimum of 5 ANSI lumens
    • Has three lighting levels
    • Works with three AAA batteries (included), but also with the Petlz CORE rechargeable battery (seperately available as accessory)
    • IPx4 waterproof so it can withstand wet circumstances
    ± 2 weeks