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Chef'sChoice - CC500 ScissorPro

Chef'sChoice - CC500 ScissorPro
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SKU: CC22CC500
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Quality 'anyone-can-do-it' scissor sharpening machine, that sharpens your scissors in 2 easy steps without overheating.
Quick and easy, as there is no need to disassemble your scissors before sharpening.

Extra product information:

The CC500 ScissorPro is a precision machine that is designed to deliver unsurpassed sharpening satisfaction and is manufactured to last a long, long time.
The price of a new pair of scissors can range from $10-$50, so it does not make sense to throw out dull scissors and buy a new pair.
Professional sharpening services, if you can find one, and find one that will do a good job, will generally charge from $5-$15 per scissors.
Less expensive sharpeners do not work, can harm scissors or leave them dull.

This is the first sharpener ever recommended by professionals.
It incorporates 100% diamond abrasives in a two-stage sharpening process, similar to that used in Chef'sChoice knife sharpeners.
There is no scissors sharpener that will do as fine a job as the ScissorPro, and you can feel safe sharpening your quality scissors with the ScissorPro.
The unique double bevelled edge created by the ScissorPro® will actually prolong the life of your quality scissors.
The machine is designed so that it removes the minimal amount of metal, while producing incredibly sharp edges.
Patented Magne-Flex scissors guides hold the blade at a precise, predetermined sharpening angle and maintain the correct contact pressure between the blade edge and the Omni-Curve diamond disks.
Your scissors can be resharpened, as needed, without the fear of excessive wear.

  • For scissors with one plain and one serrated edge, sharpen only the blade with the plain edge. (For example, kitchen shears.)

  • In instances where the edge is damaged (for example, where the edge is nicked by accidentally cutting through a pin), it is critical that the edge be reconditioned immediately, before the nick damages the back of the other blade.

  • The ScissorPro is not recommended for pinking, scalloping, or high-end barber/stylist shears or curved manicure scissors and serrated scissors.


    • Brand: Chef'sChoice
    • Type: electric sharpener
    • Suitable for: scissors
    • Number of sharpening stages: 2
    • Grit according to supplier: coarse, fine
    • Abrasive: diamond
    • Length: 19.3 cm
    • Width: 9 cm
    • Height: 10 cm
    • Material: plastic
    • Colour: white
    • Weight: 1375 gram
    • Fixed sharpening angle: yes
    • Sharpening angle: 15º, 20º
    • Use with water: no
    • Can be used without power: no
    • Power adapter: EU plug
    • Capacity: 60 watt
    • Country of origin: USA
    • Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects: 2 year
    Artikelnr.: CC22CC500
    Chef'sChoice - CC500 ScissorPro
    in stock  
    € 119.00