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Demeyere Apollo Sauce pan 5, 2 l, 24 cm

Demeyere Apollo Sauce pan 5, 2 l, 24 cm
€ 179.00  € 149.15
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Demeyere Apollo pans are high-tech, suitable for both professional and home chefs. The Apollo series allows you to cook on the highest level. What makes them unique is their user-friendliness.

Demeyere Apollo pans are suitable to use on all the different heat sources. These pans can also be heated on induction or go inside an oven. They can also go inside the dishwasher. Some of the pans have 7-layer bottom up to the edge. This is to create an even better overall heat distribution. This really comes in handy when cooking sauces.


All Demeyere Apollo pans are finished with the electrochemical Silvinox process. It removes iron and uneven on the surface. This makes it easy to clean does react to fingerprints, harsh detergents and very acidic food. Another advantage is that the pans stay silvery white, even after years of use.

InductoBase bottom surface

The bottom surfaces of the Apollo series are made up of 7 layers. The layer on the inside of the pan is 18/10 stainless steel. After this there is pure aluminum, an aluminum alloy, again aluminum and the bottom layer is made up of 3 stainless steel alloys. The so-called TriplInduc layer. Despite the high proportion of aluminum, these pans can be used on induction cooking plates. Also changing between different heat sources is no problem. The thickness of the bottom is changed to the desired purpose of the pan. For example, a wok pan has a thinner bottom surface so it can transfer a higher temperature and frying pans generally have a thicker bottom surface.

TriplInduc layer

The contact layer of the bottom surface is made out of 3 stainless steel alloys. This makes the heat transfer on induction cooking plates up to 30% more efficient. Also changing between different heat sources is no problem.

Ergonomically sound grips

The handles of the Apollo-pans are ergonomically shaped and designed so heat and filth stand no chance. By welding the handles in a specific way the heat transfer inside is minimized. The handles of the pans never get warm when cooking on electricity. Please note that on the lids the regular grips and handles can be hot. When cooking on gas the handles can get hot.

Perfect pouring edge

The edge of the Demeyere Apollo-pans (except for the conical-shaped pans) is shaped so pouring liquids can be done without spilling a drop. Both fluids with low viscosity (for example water) as well as thicker fluids can be poured problem-free.


Demeyere offers a 30-year limited warranty on all its products at home and 10-year warranty professional use. This applies to all manufacturing defects. On products with a non-stick coating there is 5 years warranty for home use, not applicable for professional use. However, please note that this warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidents, misuse or abuse (included overheating). Also discolouration and scratches on the inside or outside of the stainless steel are not seen as manufacturing defects.


  • Brand: Demeyere
  • Series: Apollo
  • Type: braisers, cooking pot
  • Diameter: 24 cm
  • Delivered as a set: no
  • Number: 1 stuks
  • Heat Source: ceramic, electric, gass, halogen, induction, oven
  • Material: 18/10 stainless, aluminum
  • Contents: 5,2 L
  • Size: large
  • Weight: 1790 gram
  • Height: 13 cm
  • Colour: silver
  • Width of bottom surface: 6.6 mm
  • Diameter of bottom: 22 cm
  • Non-stick layer: no non-stick layer
  • Thermo-spot: no
  • Can go into the oven: yes
  • Can go into the microwave: no
  • Handle: yes, two handles
  • Cold grip: no
  • Material handle: 18/10 stainless
  • Handle length: 3.5 cm
  • Diameter including handle: 32.5 cm
  • Including lid: yes
  • Lid material: metal
  • Displays exact measure: no
  • Dishwasher safe: yes, but we strongly advise against it
  • Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects: 30 year
  • Country of origin: Belgium
Artikelnr.: DY40850-166
Demeyere Apollo Sauce pan 5, 2 l, 24 cm
in stock  
€ 179.00  € 149.15
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