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Eden Professional sharpening set 220/1000/2000/5000, dressing stone + holder

Eden Professional sharpening set 220/1000/2000/5000, dressing stone + holder
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Eden Professional sharpening stones offer a razor-sharp result, for a low price. They are manufactured by a well-known whetstone factory in Japan. The stones have a cohesive agent based on artificial resin. Because of this stones sharpen quickly and are quite hard. As a result, they wear out less and "bite" less quickly into the stone and sharpening becomes fast and easy to do. The large size of the stones make sharpening larger knives possible. The thickness of the stone guarantees a longer life-span. With a set of Eden Professional whetstones you can sharpen for years and years.

This package contains the grains 220, 1000, 2000, 5000, a dressing stone and a universal stone holder.

Grain sizes Eden Professional sharpening stones

  • The coarse 220 grain is very suitable for sharpening or re-shaping of the edge
  • The 1000 grain sharpens an edge which already has the right shape
  • The 2000 grain sharpens really sharp, even sharper than most knives come out of the factory.
  • The 5000 grain polishes the edge to nearly a mirror-edge, giving a razor-sharp result

Benefits of Eden Professional sharpening stones

We let the Eden sharpening products be made especially and exclusively for ourselves. This way we can offer them cheaper because there is no other party in between. The Eden Professional sharpening stones are produced by a reputable manufacturer in Japan. So you get great quality, for a very competitive price.

Dressing Stone

We recommend to order a Naniwa Dressing Stone with the Eden Professional stone(s). With the Dressing Stone you can remove metal residue after sharpening. You also flatten the stone a little right away so you don’t get big uneven surfaces. When you order the Naniwa Dressing Stone with the sharpening stone you’ll get a great Combi deal price.

How to use a Japanese whetstone

Before use you lay the stone in water. It has to soak for about 5 minutes until you no longer see any air bubbles. Right before using the stone place it on the universal stone holder (this does not come with the separate stones). The stone has to make as less contact with a bottom surface as possible, this to prevent water leaking through. Especially with the 220-stone this is important, because water through the lower grain sizes faster.

Please keep the surface of the stone wet at all times during sharpening. When this is not the case the end-result will not be optimal and you can even damage the stone. Sharpening the knife on one side until you feel a burr along the entire length of the edge. Then sharpen the other side until the same happens. Now gently side per side move the edge over the stone to remove the burr. When there is no burr anymore it is time to move to a finer stone.


  • Brand: Eden, Naniwa
  • Type: Dressing stone, sharpening stone holder
  • Grit according to supplier: 1000, 2000, 220, 5000
  • Series: Professional (Eden)
  • Number: 6 stuks
  • Length: 21 cm
  • Width: 7 cm
  • Height: 2 cm
  • Material: rubber, stainless steel
  • Adjustable in length: yes
  • Length usable part: 21 cm
  • Width usable part: 7 cm
  • Height usable part: 2 cm
  • Use with water: yes, submerge before using
  • Abrasive: white aluminum oxide
  • cohesive agent: resin-bound
  • Colour: black, green, orange, pink, silver, white
  • delivered as a set: yes
  • Storage box / etui: no
  • delivered with stand: yes
  • delivered with sharpening guides: no
  • Country of origin: China, Japan
  • Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects: 25 year
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