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Countdown deals

Halloween count-down deals: the spookier the better!

Halloween at Knivesandtools: the time when nightmares come to life. We are dealing with a 'Count-down deal problem'. They have risen and we can't seem to stop them from coming.. more and more of them! Count-down deals are products with a small imperfection. Usually their price scares the bejesus out of every enthusiast, now they are more of a treat! Each count-down deal that has come back to life is sold for an amazing price... 

There is only one of each so don't let your fears get the best of you and purchase these deals before they go back from whence they came. After all, Halloween only comes around once a year...


The Countdown Deals are products that are a little different. Think of opened packages, an engraving gone wrong or traces of use because we tested the product ourselves. That’s why the price drops, and keeps dropping until you make your move! Will you wait or strike while the 'price' is hot