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Dive into the wonderful world of digiscoping

Now you might think the following: digi-what? Digiscoping is a clever technology: by connecting your smartphone to your binoculars you bring everything you see with your binoculars to the screen of your smartphone. You basically create your own telephoto lens. Turn on the camera of your smartphone and make amazing photographs and videos. Binoculars enable you to see, but thanks to this combination you can also capture whatever you are looking at.

Swarovski VPA variable smartphone adapter

The Swarovski VPA variable smartphone adapter is new in our range. You need this product when you start digiscoping. You can easily secure your smartphone in the adapter thanks to the practical sliding and locking system. The smartphone adapter was designed for most Swarovski binoculars: the CL Companion, EL, EL Range and SLC binoculars. The VPA is also compatible with other brands of binoculars, from 8x32 and larger.

The Swarovski VPA variable smartphone adapter is an all-round adapter that can be used with iOS and Android devices such as: Samsung, Huawai, iPhone (except for the iPhone 4), HTC, LG and Google P-smartphone models. Please note: the adapter ring for binoculars is individually sold.

How does digiscoping work?

  • Click your smartphone in the Swarovski VPA adapter
  • Secure the adapter ring on the VPA
  • Attach the whole to your binoculars
  • Turn on the camera of your smartphone and you are good to go

Advantages of digiscoping

  • Observing and recording what is happening at a distance.
  • An all-in-one solution, because it is cheaper, easier and lighter than using a single-lens reflex camera with telephoto lens.
  • You can immediately see the images you capture on your smartphone and share them with the rest of the world.

Digiscoping is an incredibly innovative way to observe the world around you. With the right products and a lot of practice you will be amazed by the remarkable results.