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Adjusting your binoculars

Many people have trouble looking through binoculars. They see black borders, can't get it focused or face other problems. That's not so strange, because before you are going to use a pair of binoculars, you should set up a few things. Follow the following steps:

1 Eye caps

Do you wear glasses, or do you not? Binoculars almost always have eye caps which you can twist up or unfold. These caps make sure the distance between your eye and the binoculars is good. This is important because otherwise you have no full picture and clarity is missing. If you wear glasses, then you twist down the eye caps or fold them. If you do not wear glasses, then you twist the eye caps up or unfold them.

2 Correct width

It is important to adjust the width of the binoculars (more specifically the distance between the eyepieces) to fit the distance between your eyes. This is done by moving both parts of the binocular closer together or farther apart. Look at a distant object and adjust the width of the binoculars in a way so you have a full and round image with both eyes or separately. If all is well you see exactly the same thing with both eyes. Check this by alternating your left and right eye without moving the binoculars.

3 Dioptric adjustment

The dioptri-setting is to compensate for any variance between the strength of your eyes. The setup is usually on the right eyepiece, but sometimes behind the central focus and on some models you can set the diopter by pulling on the central focus button.

Proceed as follows: Choose an object at a reasonable distance and set the central focus for your left eye on sharp (keep your right eye shut, or keep your hand in front of the right eyepiece).

Then close your left eye or keep your hand in front of the left eyepiece and set the diopter adjustment until your right eye sees sharp.

4 Focusing your binoculars

The only thing you have to do now is focus on the object that you want to see. Do this in such a way that you have an effortlessly sharp view. If you do not hit the exact sharpness, your eyes will try to compensate this and you may see sharp, but it's very tiring.