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Expert review: Fenix HL60R rechargeable head torch

Fumbling around with a flashlight in your mouth while field-dressing is a thing of the past. Besides, it's always better to have both hands free when you're doing any activity at twilight or in the dark.

Mark has recently used the Fenix HL60R several times while hunting for wild boar on the Veluwe and hunting for deer in Drenthe. On evenings and mornings like those, he uses the head torch frequently: while collecting things in the dark, when looking for game after the shot, while field-dressing and when walking from the hide back to the car. Mark: “The whole thing feels solid and the head straps are easy to adjust. The head torch is nice and compact, and easy to carry. The light has 6 modes, and provides sufficient light for almost all activities, but a lamp with a little more power would be needed to really get a proper look at something. The mode with two red LEDs is also handy - it gives you just enough light to get your stuff organised in the hide without the wildlife noticing.

Oh, and another tip: “Give the controls a try and get the hang of them before you enter the field. They take some getting used to - if the button isn't pressed for long enough, the torch will emit a flashing light as an indication of the battery level. To turn the light on, you have to keep the button pressed for a little longer, otherwise you'll end up with a blinking light on your head.

HL60R specifications

The head torch is delivered complete with head straps, Li-ion battery and USB charging cable.

  • Pros: complete, robust, compact, comfortable, easy to recharge, provides sufficient light, fully waterproof and has a mode with light that is invisible to wildlife.
  • Con: a lamp with a little more power is needed to really get a proper look at something.

See the Fenix HL60R rechargeable head torch for more information.

Mark Bijkerk