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Top 3 best head torches when you go fishing

When you go fishing a head torch is indispensable. Two hours after sunset and one hour before sunrise: those are the perfect times to go night fishing. The right head torch is an indispensable addition. That is why we love to highlight three Fenix head torches that are perfect when fishing at night. For this list we paid close attention to use, light modes and, of course, if the lights are waterproof.

  1. Fenix HL60R rechargeable LED head torch

    Fenix HL60R rechargeable LED head torch

    The Fenix HL60R is the perfect head torch if you pay close attention to weight. This head torch namely only weighs 121 grams. If you get caught in a downpour or are dealing with a particularly 'splashy' fish don't worry! The HL60R is namely completely waterproof. In addition to the regular white beam this head torch is also enhanced with a red beam. Red light is better for your eyes and those of the fish you are trying to catch. As such you won't disrupt your surroundings or chase the fish away. Also great: red light also attracts fewer insects. The result is that your fishing trip will be a peaceful experience! 

    • Maximum light output: 950 lumens
    • Number of light modes: 6
    • IP-norm: IPX8, waterproof  (when held underwater)
    • Rechargeable: yes
    ± 3 weeks
  2. Fenix HM61R head torch, 1200 lumens

    Fenix HM61R head torch, 1200 lumens

    The Fenix HM61R is a very powerful head torch with both red and white light modes. With eight light modes in total you always have the perfect beam for every situation. In the medium mode this head torch will function for 12 hours, perfect when you go night fishing.

    • Maximum light output: 1200 lumens
    • Number of light modes: 8
    • IP-norm: IPX8, waterproof (when held underwater)
    • Rechargeable: yes
    Not available
  3. Fenix HP16R rechargeable head torch, 1700 lumens

    Fenix HP16R rechargeable head torch, 1700 lumens

    The Fenix HP16R comes with an ARB-LP3000 Li-Polymer battery, but can also be used with four AA batteries. Because you often use standard batteries for the rest of your gear most head torches also work with AA or AAA batteries. As such you will be prepared for anything and, when necessary, you can replace the batteries. The result is that you will never be left in the dark. The Fenix HP16R is enhanced with a spotlight with four light modes, a floodlight with 3 light modes and a built-in LED light for red light. When you activate the spot and floodlight at the same time you end up with a beam of 1700 lumens and a beam distance of 260 metres. The head of this head torch can turn up to 60 degrees to aim the beam. As such you will never miss a fish again!

    • Maximum light output: 1700 lumens
    • Number of light modes: 9
    • IP norm: IP66, protected from downpours
    • Rechargeable: yes
    In stock

Why use a head torch when you go fishing?

Applying bait, lighting up your tent or checking to see if have already caught something: these tasks will be a lot easier if you have enough light close. When fishing for pike, carp or eels you need to make your move early in the morning or evening.When you are ready to start fishing, our head torches will always have your back. Want to see more head torches for fishing? Or are you looking for more information? Check out all head torches for fishing here.