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Head torches for night fishing: the perfect catch

In addition to the basic tools such as a fishing rod, bait, bucket and mat you truly complete your equipment with a head torch. When fishing for pike, carp or eels you need to make your move early in the morning or evening. Especially two hours after sunset and one hour before sunrise, those are the perfect times to go night fishing. The right head torch is an indispensable addition. Applying bait, lighting up your tent or checking to see if have already caught something: it will be a piece of cake if you have enough light at your disposal.

Fishing with a head torch 

While fishing a head torch shouldn't let you down. It is therefore, for instance, key that the head torch is waterproof. You don't want a splashing fish or downpour to destroy your light. The amount of lumen is also important. You namely don't need that much lumen. A light that will supply you with enough light to light up your surroundings is actually already enough. It is, however, practical if you own a head torch that has multiple light modes. As such you will know for sure you will always have the right amount of light at hand.

Especially when fishing there are two head torches that can come in handy. A head torch with a focusable beam: with one turn you can light up objects up close and far away. But also head torches with two beams. With one push of a button you immediately light up your immediate surroundings or something farther away.

Well begun is half done 

When you're ready to fish there is nothing more frustrating than a head torch that doesn't work. That is why we recommend you look closely at the life of the battery and the type of battery. Because you often use standard batteries for the rest of your gear most head torches also work with AA or AAA batteries. As such you will be prepared for anything and, when necessary, you can replace the batteries. The result is that you will never be left in the dark.

Red light: like a fish in the water 

Many different types of fish cannot see the basic colours, or ultra-violet or polarized light. However, at twilight, colours change and turn black and white. As soon as you catch a fish and reel it in white light will scare it. The result is that it will continue to splash on your mat. Red light is the perfect solution.

Red light is better for your eyes and those of the fish. This way you cause minimal unrest and don't chase the fish away. This enables you to finally properly remove the hook. Additional advantage: red light also doesn't attract as many insects and is perfect when reading a book in the dark.

The proud moment when fishing 

During the day you found the right spot and mounted your camera on a tripod. And then finally, the moment is there! You caught and fish and it is waiting for you on your mat. The fish has already been weighed and the time has come. The proud moment: the photo. However, on your way to the camera you run the risk of tripping in the dark and dropping the fish. To not end up in the water yourself it is great that every head torch is also enhanced with white light. Place the head torch next to the tripod and turn it on. As such you light up your surroundings. You see everything and put yourself in the spotlight. Anything for the perfect photo. Are you not sure if these are the right lights for you? We are happy to help you with our head torch buying guide.

Not sure if any of these lights are the right lights? We would love to help you out with our head torch buying guide.