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Professional head torches: powerful and reliable

As a professional it is always a good idea to keep both hands free. A head torch is the perfect solution if you still need a source of light close. As a professional, however, your head torch needs to adhere to certain things. It needs to be robust, easy to use and not too heavy. A head torch with a broad beam will be the perfect choice in these situations. As such you light up whatever you need to see without blinding yourself. These industrial lights are perfect for electricians, mechanics, installers and on the construction site.

ATEX head torches for professionals

ATEX certified flashlights were produced specifically for explosive hazardous areas. There are many different explosive areas. Think of mines, gas and oil plants. Because even the smallest spark can be fatal these lights need to adhere to the highest requirements. For these zones there are both head torches and flashlights available. Want to learn more about ATEX lights? Quickly read all about ATEX in our topic, what is ATEX?  

Are you not sure if these are the right lights for you?  We are happy to help you with our head torch buying guide.