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Texenergy: off grid power for adventurers

Texenergy Logo

Texenergy makes top-quality solutions that will help you take care of your own energy supply no matter where you are. Off the grid power as people like to call it. Texenergy ensures that you can use the wind, sun or your own strength to charge all your electronic devices

After all, when you go out hiking you still want to be able to take pictures or use a GPS or satellite phone without having to worry about your battery.

Great designs with a touch of ingenuity

To take care of your every need Texenergy has, for instance, made super compact, portable wind turbines. So small and light-weight you will hardly notice it in your backpack, but powerful enough to completely charge your smartphone in only four hours. Always keeping their love for mountain sports in mind the people at Texenergy started designing products that could definitely withstand the elements, products you can rely on! They most certainly delivered!

The products are like fun little gadgets. However, you also notice that the person behind these Texenergy products has a serious background in design and engineering. You feel and see that the people at Texenergy properly thought about what materials to use and the practical purpose of the products. Not toys, but gear you can rely on!