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Head torches for travel: indispensable during any adventure

While you are traveling it is great to keep your hands free. From simple tasks on the campsite to extreme cases such as climbing in the mountains. For this purpose there are lights with a broad beam to make sure you light up quite a lot and never blind yourself. Perfect when camping, hiking (in the mountains) for survival purposes, climbing, cycling and exploring caves. A good head torch will be indispensable when you embark upon a new adventure.

Head torches for on the campsite

You never have to stumble through the dark, trying to find your way to the toilet again. Use a head torch and you will immediately know where to go! Whether you sleep in a tent or a caravan: there are always situations during which you need light. Think of tightening guy ropes, because you are expecting bad weather, or when you need to exchange the  gas bottle in the dark: with a head torch it will be a lot easier.

When you go camping it is also great to have a head torch with a red light close. Red light doesn't disrupt your night vision and is also less visible for your travel companions. As such you can easily read a book in the dark without waking people up.

Head torches while hiking

While hiking you need a compact, reliable, waterproof head torch with a long battery life. It is, after all, not an option to quickly charge it on the road. Depending on the duration of your trip it is worth considering purchasing a separate battery pack. Because it has room for more batteries you can carry the separate battery pack on the back of your head or store it in your backpack or on your belt. As such you do not carry all the weight on the front of your head. Do you prefer a less heavy head torch? If so bring a spare battery. After all, you don't want to be left in the dark.

Survival head torches

A head torch is also a great for survival and bushcraft purposes. Especially when you spend a night in nature and in winter, when the sun sets sooner. With a head torch you keep both hands free to make sure you can continue with whatever you were doing. Weight, burn time and stability are, of course, important things to take into account. But don't worry: you will quickly find the perfect head torch for all your adventures!

Are you not sure if these are the right lights for you?  We are happy to help you with our head torch buying guide.