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Head torch guide: choose the best head torch

LED head torches come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you love hiking in the mountains, discovering caves or going out for a run: a head torch will make your life a whole lot easier and safer. However, how will you pick the best head torch amongst hundreds of head torches on the market? We have listed a couple of reasons why you could use a head torch. Per reason we will tell you what to pay attention to. As a result you will always be prepared for anything!

Head torches for professional purposes

As a professional you need to be able to rely on a decent light that can handle its own. You need to be able to use it for longer periods of time so you need a good battery and the torch needs to be comfortable. Perhaps you even need an ATEX-certified light for the industry?

Head torches for at home

At home there are a number of things you can use a head torch for. From maintenance jobs around the house to work that needs to be done on your car, to walking the dog at night. However, also as an emergency solution during a black-out a head torch will be the perfect companion.

Head torches for sport

Darkness should never stop you from doing what you love most: running, mountain biking or trail running. Lights to see but also to be seen. Safety will, after all, always come first! As a result a head torch will be the perfect solution.

Head torches for camping and travelling

Perhaps the place where a head torch is most used: at the campsite. Pitching a tent at twilight will be much easier when you use a head torch. But also at night in bed (or on your camping mat) reading a book without keeping your partner up is possible when you own a head torch.