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What does IPX-8 mean?

Question to Knivesandtools:

Many torches indicate they are water tight according to IPX-8. What does that mean?

Answer of Knivesandtools:

IPX is a water tightness standard. IPX-8 means: can be submersed in water according to the manufacturer's specifications. That's why a depth and time must always be added to the IPX-8 indication. It is often forgotten however.

Usually it is something like 'Water tight to 2 metres depth for 30 minutes'. That is Fenix's explanation anyway.

Assume that torches indicating water tight according to IPX-8 are not made for underwater use.

They are made to be water tight if they fall into the water by accident and are fished out immediately. Measurements are made with new torches and a loose part, small damage or wear can soon affect the water tightness.

If you want a water tight lamp to really use under water, buy a diving lamp. If you want a lamp that must withstand a bit of water, but is used above water, a lamp that is water tight according to IPX-8 is a perfect choice.