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The brightest underwater light: diving lights

Water tightness is of course the main requirement for diving lights. Irrespective of how good, pretty and strong a diving light is, if it gets filled with water because of the high water pressure it will stop working. The lights in our diving lights section are all water tight to at least a depth (sport) divers can achieve.

The light output, the colour of the light (attention to the differences between HID lights from - for example - Polarion, LED lights or halogen lights) should be considered when choosing. The light duration is also very important. Nothing is as annoying as finding yourself in the middle of a diving session with a light that doesn't work. Any diver knows that equipment can break, get lost or otherwise stop working. Safety above all, buy a very sturdy and shock resistant diving light and always get a back-up light.

 Led Lenser D14.2 Diving light

LED: High End Power LED Maximum light output: 400 lumen Length: 16,1 cm

 Fenix SD20 Diving Light

Fenix SD20 Diving Light

 Fenix SD11 Diving LED Torch

LED: Cree XM-L2 U2 Maximum light output: 1000 lumens Length: 14 cm

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