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LED torches & batteries

Keychain flashlights: keep light close

Keychain flashlights are small, can literally be attached to your bunch of keys and can be used in many different situations. They are incredibly practical to light up your lock or to find an item that has gone missing. In our range you will find many keychain flashlights. All different in terms of light intensity, type of LED light, if they can or cannot be recharged and the number of light modes. A keychain flashlight is an indispensable item that shouldn't be missing from your bunch of keys.

Batteries in keychain flashlights

In general keychain flashlights retrieve their power from AAA batteries or a lithium cell. There are, however, also keychain flashlights that are enhanced with an included model-specific battery. Great because you can charge these batteries in the light itself with a USB cable. Practical!

Keychain flashlights: compatible with CR123A

Today you often come across keychain flashlights that are compatible with CR123A batteries. These high performance batteries are relatively compact and cannot be recharged. The main advantage of this type of battery is that it stays in great condition for an extremely long time. You can easily use them for ten years. Unlike a battery that slowly discharges if you don't use it for a long time. CR123A batteries are therefore perfect if you don't use your flashlight that often.

Keychain flashlights: don't underestimate them

Thanks to the low use of power of the LED light the batteries will last quite a long time. It is clear that these types of lights are meant for the 'you never know' situations, and not specifically for intensive use. But one thing is clear: don't underestimate them.