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The best LED flashlights for every purpose

In the dark it is key that not only you can see well, but also that you are seen. We understand that it can be difficult to determine which flashlight will suit your purpose best. You need to pay attention to the beam, the amount of lumen, the additional light features and weight. For that reason we have listed a couple of great flashlights for different purposes. Are you looking for a head torch? Check out our head torch buying guide.

Flashlights for at home

Each household needs a good flashlight. Especially in winter, when the sun sets earlier, or when a fuse blows. If this happens a flashlight with a broad beam will come in handy. You don't need a beam that reaches far, but one that is broader. As such you can easily light up your immediate surroundings. A flashlight also makes sure that others see you. Perfect when walking the dog, for photography, during hikes or when camping. 


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Flashlights for public safety

For bobbies, soldiers, medical and other safety personnel safety always comes first. They need a reliable flashlight that will never let them down. These flashlights have tactical functions, exceptional light qualities and are solidly constructed. Are you looking for a flashlight for your belt as a bobby or a rechargeable flashlight as a security guard? For this purpose there are lights with a focused beam. With you can purposefully light up your path to make sure you can clearly see what is going on.

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Flashlights for outdoor sports

A good flashlight is key when you work out in the dark because you make sure people see you coming. When working out you want to see, but also be seen. For this purpose we recommend lights with a combined beam to make sure you can light up surfaces both far away and up close. If you want to see every rock you come across! Perfect, for instance, when cycling or hiking in the mountains.

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Flashlights for hunting purposes

A hunting flashlight is indispensable when you go hunting. Not only to light up your path, but also to get a good look at your prey. Hunting flashlights need to be enhanced with a red LED light or use red, green or blue filters. To make sure you can see everything you need to these flashlights are enhanced with a focused beam. Purposefully light up your path to make sure you can see the situation from afar and your prey does not escape.

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Flashlights for emergency services

For various emergency services like the fire department, ambulance services and other safety personnel, reliability is key. You need to be able to act in many different situations. At these moments your flashlight needs to be robust, ready to be used and never let you down. A light that will give you the choice per situation is then great. Light up your surroundings, light up the distance or combine both beams. As such you will always have the right beam close.

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Flashlights for industrial use

As a professional you need a reliable, robust flashlight. It needs to be easy to use and not too heavy. These industrial lights are perfect for electricians, mechanics, installers and on the construction site. A flashlight with a broad beam will be the perfect choice in these situations. You don't need a distant beam, but a broad one. As such you light up whatever you need to see without blinding yourself.

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