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Flashlights for emergency services

For various emergency services like the fire department, ambulance services and other safety personnel, reliability is key. You need to be able to act in many different situations. At these moments a flashlight should never let you down, be robust and always ready to be used. A light that enables you to choose what light you need per situation is the solution.

Different beams: purposefully light up your surroundings 

Lights with a focused beam were specifically designed for long-range illumination. With you can purposefully light up your path to make sure you can clearly see what is going on. Perfect for search ops. With a broad beam you can easily light up large areas at a short distance. Think of situations where you need to look for something or someone in the rubble.



Flashlights for the fire department

As a fireman it is possible to end up in an explosive zone. The answer is an ATEX lights. For all zones there are both ATEX flashlights and head torches you can choose from. Check out all ATEX lights.

If you are looking for something or someone in the rubble a compact search light that can handle its own is the perfect solution. This flashlights have a beam that is easy to control: a low amount of power for nearby, but also enough power to quickly find a target that is located farther away.

Flashlights for ambulance personnel

For ambulance personnel a good flashlight is also a must. Think of mouth and throat inspections and other diagnostic applications. UV light is also great. For this purpose it is best to use a penlight. These lights are compact and light-weight. As such they are perfect for use in an ambulance.

Flashlights in extreme temperatures 

When you often find yourself in extreme temperatures it is best to select a flashlight that works with CR123A batteries. These batteries were specifically developed to handle these types of circumstances. Even at temperatures of -20 to 75 degrees Celsius the CR123A batteries function perfectly. They also do not run the risk of battery leakage, which is, of course, a great advantage for an expensive flashlight. If you don't use the flashlight for a while: remove the batteries or loosen the back of the light. As such you keep the batteries in great shape.

Not sure if these are the perfect lights for you? We would love to help you our further with our flashlight buying guide.