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New: the powerful Fenix HM70R head torch

We recently added the Fenix HM70R head torch to our range. This hulk has an output of no less than 1600 lumens and works with a very powerful 21700 battery. With this light you have access to different light modes: a bright mode to highlight a large area, a neutral mode with high colour rendition and a red light that can also be used as a warning light. As such the Fenix HM70R is great when working on a construction site, for search and rescue ops and to take with you during all your outdoor adventures.

Head torch with powerful beam

With a beam of up to 1600 lumens, the Fenix HM70R is one of the most powerful head torches we sell. The battery will last a long time before you need to charge it. The indicator lights will tell you how much power the battery has left. Charging the light is a piece of cake. You put the USB-C cable in the charger and within four hours your torch will be good to go.

The perfect head torch for professionals

The Fenix HM70R has more features that make it the perfect addition to your toolbox. The rotary knob, for instance, is easy to operate while wearing gloves and the torch can even handle a fall of up to 2 metres. Because the USB-C connection is located behind a screw cap you don't have to worry that the light will get wet, it is namely waterproof up to a depth of 2 metres. The headband is enhanced with anti-slip straps on the inside to make sure it stays in place. But that is not all! It is also enhanced with reflective letters for extra visibility, and therefore safety, in the dark.