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New: the Swarovski CL Companion NOMAD binoculars!

Swarovski presents the CL Companion NOMAD binoculars. A pair with a very high viewing comfort, intuitive controls and an impressive image quality. However, this newest member of the CL-family is a lot more than a pair of binoculars. It is a statement of pure elegance.

The pair has been finished with a leather casing in a stunning dark-brown colour. Handmade in Austria. The leather used is vegetal tanned cowhide. The leather is treated before it leaves the factory, however, small scratches or scars are a part of the natural finish. As a result each pair will be unique!

Luxurious set

The uniqueness, quality and exclusivity of the CL Companion NOMAD are accentuated by the included accessories. This pair comes with a carrier belt, bag and beeswax. The carrier belt and field bag are made from only the best leather. With the beeswax you keep the leather nice and supple. The special box is made from untreated, oiled oak wood from sustainably managed forests.

The CL Companion NOMAD is available as a 8 x 30 and 10 x 30 edition.