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Top 10 Heavy Duty EDC Knives

In this Top 10 Heavy Duty EDC knives we have selected our favourite heavy-duty EDC knives. Knives that can handle a lot and make sure you don't have to worry about irreparable damage.

What are Heavy-Duty EDC knives?

Heavy-Duty EDC knives are pocket knives that, because of their construction, are capable of carrying out the more demanding tasks. Think of a plasterer who opens bags of cement every single day: the powder released when the bag is opened won't make your high-tech, ball-bearings pocket knife very happy. Also when you open a lot of boxes a solid knife will often come in handy. Not in the least because cardboard will definitely affect the sharpness of your knife. And yes we are still talking about knives, not crowbars. You still don't use a pocket knife as a screwdriver, when opening paint cans or as a crowbar.


Benchmade 275BKSN Sibert Adamas Sand PE

4 review(s)

When it concerns Heavy Duty the Benchmade Adamas 275 is a real winner. This knife from the Black Class, for soldiers and other professionals, is one of the most robust pocket knives in our range. It might be a little too big in your pocket which is why it also comes with a solid MOLLE-compatible sheath.

€ 258,20 € 286,90

± 1 month

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Rick Hinderer Fulltrack Spearpoint 20CV Blue G10 pocket knife

1 review(s)

We all know that Rick Hinderer does not produce teeny-tiny knives, but the Full-track is definitely next-level. You immediately feel that this knife is made to be used. The great thing about this knife is that it comes with ball bearings, teflon washers and phosphor bronze washers to make sure you can change them with the built-in key. This key can also come in handy in the field to tighten loose screws. Ultimate Heavy-Duty pocket knife.

€ 649,00

Not available

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Cold Steel Code 4 Clip Point 58PS CPM S35VN plain edge, pocket knife

0 review(s)

The Cold Steel Code 4 has a special place in our heart because of its stunning hollow grind and rock-solid lock. Many tests proved that the Tri-Ad-lock is the strongest locking mechanism on the market today. The lock, in combination with its solid aluminium handle, makes the Code 4 the perfect EDC knife for Heavy-Duty tasks.

€ 129,95 € 159,95

In stock

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Zero Tolerance 0350TS Folder, plain edge

27 review(s)

With the Zero Tolerance 3xx-collection the brand put itself on the map years ago. This 0350TS is one of these primeval models and the reason why each box still mentions: 'Built like a tank'. Fills your hand, robust, and can handle its own. Heavy-Duty according to the book.

€ 169,95 € 195,00

In stock

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Benchmade Freek 560BK-1 CPM M4 ‘Super Freek’ pocket knife

0 review(s)

The Benchmade Super Freek is a robust knife that is slightly easier to take with you than the Adamas. The great thing about the Super Freek is that the G10 handle has a nice red liner, and that the blade is made from CPM M4-steel. It is a type of steel that retains its sharpness well and is also easy to sharpen.

€ 233,91 € 259,90

In stock

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CRKT Seismic 5401 pocket knife, Flavio Ikoma design

1 review(s)

The CRKT Seismic fits in this top 10 because of its amazing lock. The Deadbolt-lock sticks a hardened steel insert in the blade to keep it open. On Instagram you can find a video of designer Flavio Ikoma who smashes this knife into a wooden beam with a baton. Not something we recommend, but it does demonstrate how strong this knife is.

€ 149,95

In stock

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Spyderco Shaman C229GP pocket knife, Sal Glesser design

1 review(s)

With the Spyderco Shaman Spyderco introduced an incredibly strong pocket knife, made in the United States. In between the large G10 handle you will find steel liners and the blade is thicker than most Spyderco knives. It is also enhanced with the Compression lock. An incredibly strong locking mechanism.

€ 231,95 € 289,95

± 1 week

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LionSteel SR-1-G, titanium, grey

0 review(s)

The LionSteel SR1 is an award-winning Molletta design. The handle is milled from one piece of titanium, so no frame screws that can come loose. The blade is blocked by a solid framelock, with the extra Rotoblock-system. With it you can secure the blade even further for additional safety. A real Heavy-Duty function.

€ 310,00

± 1 month

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Victorinox Hunter Pro Alox 0.9415.M26 hunting knife

1 review(s)

When you think Heavy Duty you don't always think about the Swiss pocket knives made by Victorinox. And yet there is the Victorinox Hunter Pro which can be opened with one hand. A solid frame and strong backlock-lock make it the perfect knife for heavy-duty tasks.

€ 99,00

In stock

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Cold Steel Working Man 54NVG OD Green, Steve Austin design

0 review(s)

Another Cold Steel, with again the strong Tri-Ad-Lock. This time with a more affordable casing. The FRN handle is slightly flexible to make sure the knife can handle quite a lot. It also weighs next to nothing which makes it the perfect companion for EDC use.

€ 72,95

± 1 week

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