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9 knives any collector SHOULD own!

As a knife collector there are a couple of knives that are so iconic that you need to have them. From old designs to modern classics. Knives that have left a lasting impression on the knife world. Because of the innovative use of materials, historical relevance or simply because everyone should own the knife. You could say that a collection is never really complete, but with these knives you create a solid foundation you can use to expand your collection even further.

  1. Buck 110 Folding Hunter

    Buck 110 Folding Hunter

    The Buck 110 Folding Hunter is the knife Buck used to introduce the backlock-lock to the world. This knife is also called the most copied pocket knife in the world. After all, ever since its introduction in the early sixties hundreds of different copies were introduced. This only emphasizes what the Buck 110 has meant to the knife world. With its polished messing bolsters and characterizing clip point blade everyone will recognize this pocket knife. Still a wonderful example of a product produced in the United States for an amazing price. A real must-have.

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  2. Opinel No. 08 pocket knife, carbon steel, blade length 8,5 cm

    Opinel No. 08 pocket knife, carbon steel, blade length 8,5 cm

    In the Savoie in France one has been producing the famous Opinel pocket knives since 1890. Originally for the farmers in the region, but now for everyone. Today Opinel produces over 15 million knives each year! The design is mentioned in lists with the 100 most beautiful products on earth. The Opinel is still relevant and up-to-date, in all its simplicity. You can select an Opinel to your liking, but the size of the No.8 is perfect for everyday use. This carbon steel version is nice and classic and will form its own patina in time. Like the knives it all started with. We believe everyone should own an Opinel knife. And why wouldn’t you with these prices!

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  3. Benchmade Mini-Griptilian 556-S30V pocket knife, Mel Pardue design

    Benchmade Mini-Griptilian 556-S30V pocket knife, Mel Pardue design

    In terms of iconic designs there is a lot to choose from at Benchmade. In this case we have selected the Benchmade 556 Mini Griptilian. For many the Griptilian introduced them to a top-quality EDC-pocket knife. A knife made in the United States for a great price. A handle that offers enough grip made from Valox (glass-reinforced nylon) and a blade made from CPM S30V. Simply great! Perfect for both left and right-handed users. An amazing Mel Pardue design for Benchmade. Available in many different versions, but in terms of popularity the Benchmade 556 Mini Griptilian wins by a long shot.

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  4. Mora Companion Heavy Duty MG carbon, green

    Mora Companion Heavy Duty MG carbon, green

    From amateur bushcrafters to bushcraft experts: everyone has a Mora Companion lying around somewhere. The knife everyone starts out with. In terms of fixed knives perhaps the best knife you can purchase for this amount of money. The Companion is sturdy, ergonomically sound and practical for many frequently occurring bushcraft tasks. This Heavy Duty Carbon version is made from carbon steel. Nice and solid, easy to sharpen and eventually shows the potential to form a patina. The included sheath is practical and fine.

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  5. Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 31 Plain Drop Point

    Chris Reeve Small Sebenza 31 Plain Drop Point

    Many knives have had such an influence on the knife world as the Chris Reeve Sebenza. During the final days of the eighties the first hand-made prototypes were introduced. Just like that Chris Reeve established the trend of a titanium framelock folder. Not in the least relevant because Chris Reeve invented the framelock himself as the Reeve Integral Lock! The stonewashed finish and the extremely accurate tolerances are also features that immediately put Reeve on the map. Today the Chris Reeve Sebenza is for many knife makers and collectors the ultimate knife other knives are compared to. At the Chris Reeve designer page you will read more about this ultimate design. Also available as a full left-handed design. This is the most expensive knife on the list, yes. But the Chris Reeve Sebenza is by far one of the best knives on our website.

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  6. Victorinox Huntsman 1.3713 Red, Swiss Army Knife

    Victorinox Huntsman 1.3713 Red, Swiss Army Knife

    No pocket knife list is complete without a Victorinox knife. You run into these legendary Swiss pocket knives no matter where you are. Take MacGyver for instance. The widely accepted pocket knife that doesn’t scare anyone. From a handbag to survival-bugout-bag: you will find them everywhere. In this case we have selected the most popular version: the Victorinox Huntsman. This pocket knife has been enhanced with all features befitting a Victorinox pocket knife. Two blades, a pair of scissors, saw, tweezers, bottle opener, screwdrivers and much more. All these functions combined with a very appealing price have turned the Huntsman into a real must-have knife.

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  7. Spyderco Paramilitary 2 C81GP2 pocket knife

    Spyderco Paramilitary 2 C81GP2 pocket knife

    Spyderco also shouldn’t be missing from this list. We selected the Spyderco Paramilitary 2. One of the most popular EDC pocket knives on the market. Designed by Spyderco founder Sal Glesser and his son and successor Eric. Granted: not everybody likes the looks of the Paramilitary 2. But everyone needs to realize that the Compression Lock and the ergonomics are simply brilliant. The Paramilitary 2 is nice and thin in terms of profile so you hardly notice it inside your pocket. At the same time it feels great in hand because of the finger grooves. In addition, at the moment there are many different versions available. Because of the different limited Sprint Runs even ones with different types of steel. As such there is a perfect Paramilitary 2 for everyone. In this case we have selected the most basic model.

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  8. Higonokami pocket knife 7 cm HIGO09, Blue paper steel, messing

    Higonokami pocket knife 7 cm HIGO09, Blue paper steel, messing

    In Japan the blacksmiths had to find a new target group after the Samurai were dismantled. They did so with the Higo No Kami pocket knife. An incredibly simple, affordable pocket knife. With a one-handed opening but without a lock. Made from carbon steel and easy to sharpen. Simply put a good pocket knife. Today you can purchase different Higonokami’s. In this case, however, we have selected the HIGO09.

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  9. KA-BAR USMC 1217 plain edge, leather, Leather sheath

    KA-BAR USMC 1217 plain edge, leather, Leather sheath

    Finally a real beast: the KA-BAR USMC 1217. The Marine knife from the Second World War. Often also known as: The KA-BAR. Seen in the history books and films and series. This legendary knife with leather handle has seen all wars that took place since World War II in the company of American soldiers. Numerous stories are known of soldiers whose lives were saved with this knife. From ambushes in Vietnam to medical emergency operations in Afghanistan. This knife has been proving its worth ever since 1942 and will continue to do so. This knife, and many versions of this knife are still produced in Olean, New York, USA.

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We could have added a many others knives to this list without ever having to repeat ourselves. After all, there are so many famous important knives that were produced over the years. For that reason we also have a small list of knives we wanted to mention.