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Top 5 multi-tools for professional use

When we are talking about a multi-tool for professional use we mean a multi-tool you can trust with your life. A multi-tool a soldier, prepper or first-responder can rely on. Every single day. 

These multi-tools are robust and versatile. Produced for the most diverse conditions. Whether you enter the jungle, often find yourself in dangerous situations or want to be prepared for the worst. A multi-tool for professional use will be your perfect companion. Because there is a lot to choose from within this category of multi-tools we will help you out. To make the choice as easy as possible we listed five of the best multi-tools for professional use.

  1. Leatherman Surge, nylon sheath

    Leatherman Surge, nylon sheath

    When we talk about the Hulk within the world of multi-tools, we often think of the Leatherman Surge. This multi-tool is the big brother of the famous Leatherman Wave. Leatherman made this tool no less than 15% bigger! The result is an incredibly robust tool that can handle its own. You can clearly see that this tool is made for the professional user. The wire cutters, for instance, can be replaced to make sure you are never using blunt pliers, and the tools are locked when opened to make sure they don't close during use.

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  2. Victorinox SwissTool X Plus met ratel, nylon sheath

    Victorinox SwissTool X Plus met ratel, nylon sheath

    Another do-it-all multi-tool is the Victorinox SwissTool X Plus. With 38 functions this tool can handle any task. As such you will be prepared for basically everything. Essential for first responders who cannot predict what the day will bring. This SwissTool distinguishes itself from the other SwissTools with the straight handle enhanced with a ruler. This multi-tool also has a ratchet and a bit holder with various bits. These fit next to the SwissTool in the practical nylon belt sheath.

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  3. Gerber Center-Drive Plus multi-tool, leather sheath and bit set 30-001599

    Gerber Center-Drive Plus multi-tool, leather sheath and bit set 30-001599

    The Gerber Center Drive Plus is a large and solid multi-tool made in the United States. This multi-tool is enhanced with a couple unique functions to make it stand out from the rest. The Gerber Center Drive Plus, for instance, has special pliers, because they can be extended. As such you don't have to open the multi-tool and can always quickly use it. The Gerber Center Drive Plus has a relatively large bit driver with enough room for all standard bits. This bit driver can be used without opening the multi-tool. It comes with 14 different bits, of which two are a part of the multi-tool. You can easily carry the other 12 with you in the included sheath.

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  4. Leatherman Raptor, rescue-tool

    Leatherman Raptor, rescue-tool

    Perhaps a remarkable choice within this top 5, but an obvious one if you think about it. The Leatherman Raptor Rescue tool is the best pair of rescue scissors on the market today. Every first responder or prepper should carry a Raptor. Nicely stored in the plastic sheath you will barely notice it on your gear or belt. If, however, you suddenly need a pair of scissors or a belt cutter you will always have the Raptor close. The Raptor is also enhanced with a glass breaker, a ring cutter, a ruler and a key for an oxygen tank.

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  5. Leatherman Signal survival multi-tool, nylon sheath

    Leatherman Signal survival multi-tool, nylon sheath

    The Leatherman Signal is perfect for first responders or survival enthusiasts who love to spend time in nature. The Signal is namely enhanced with a couple of tools that will definitely come in handy in the wild. As the name might already suggest the Signal is enhanced with an emergency whistle to signal with. Practical when you are lost or hurt in the wild. It is also enhanced with a firesteel and diamond-coated sharpening stone. As such you will never be without fire or a blunt knife. Of course this tool also contains all tools you will normally find on a Leatherman. An ingenious detail is how you can also use the snap hook as a bottle opener.

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