What is the best multitool?

So many people, so many desires. And, it seems, also so many multi-tools . We have compared the most famous multi-tool brands. This is how you find the best multi-tool for your needs.

When you think of multi-tools, you often think of Leatherman. This brand has become synonymous with the concept of a multi-tool. However, this doesn’t mean that Leatherman is the only one out there creating multi-tools. In our range you will also find amazing multi-tools made by, for instance, Victorinox, SOG ,and Gerber. Each with their own characteristics and specialties. We are, of course, not able to compare all 125 tools in this article. We can, however, try to broadly explain what you can expect from the various brands in order to make your choice easier.

What is a multi-tool?

A multi-tool is a tool (often) enhanced with pliers, a knife, and a screwdriver. Varying per model one can find additions such as saws, files, bottle openers, wire cutters, can openers, rulers, and so on. It is important to know that a multi-tool takes over many functionalities one often finds in conventional tools, but that it can never really replace them. The best feature of the multi-tool is that you always carry it with you, not the fact that it is the best tool for the job.

Leatherman multi-tools: founder and pioneer

Of the four brands of multi-tools we sell Leatherman appeals to the imagination most. Tim Leatherman is the inventor of the multi-tool we know today. In their factory in Portland, Oregon, USA, Leatherman has created over 20 million multi-tools. With, as its flagship, the popular Leatherman Wave. Leatherman has created multi-tools in different sizes. From keychains to large and heavy tools that are as solid as individual tools.

One of Leatherman’s main strengths is that it creates many different tools for specific tasks. Special tools for soldiers, survival-experts, cyclists, electricians, mechanics, and so on. As such you will be able to find a tool at Leatherman’s for almost any task. Leatherman’s multi-tools come with a 25-year guarantee.

As such you will be able to find a tool at Leatherman’s for almost any task

Victorinox multi-tools: Swiss precision, perfect finish

Another famous name is Victorinox with its SwissTools. Famous because of its Swiss pocketknives. However, the Victorinox multi-tools are also excellent. You immediately learn that these tools have been put together with Swiss precision. In addition, Victorinox properly finishes off all surfaces and edges. As such there will be no signs of sharp edges, except for the blades of course. A real difference when compared to the American brands. Victorinox multi-tools come with a lifetime guarantee.

SOG multi-tools offer additional force

SOG is a brand one often associates with the SEAL-knives. However, SOG also creates exceptional multi-tools. SOG’s most distinguishing feature is that it makes use of the Compound Leverage-system in many of its tools. This means that the pliers have been enhanced with a special serration which ensures that you can apply additional pressure on the pliers. SOG has also created multi-tools where the blades are rapidly released from its handle with something called assisted opening. SOG multi-tools come with a lifetime guarantee.

Gerber multi-tools

Gerber multi-tools have been a favourite of the American army for years. It belongs to a soldier’s standard equipment, which basically says enough about the reputation the Gerber tools have acquired in the United States. Gerber distinguishes itself by doing certain things slightly different. Think, for instance, of the screwdriver included in the Gerber Center-Drive which has been placed in the middle of the tool. Gerber multi-tools come with a 25-year guarantee.

Gerber multi-tools have been a favourite of the American army for years. It belongs to a soldier’s standard equipment

What is the best multi-tool for me?

This basically comes down to what you find important, especially since every brand has its own specialty.

The best multi-tool for a specific task one can probably find when looking at Leatherman. Because they have, by far, created the largest range of multi-tools, from small to large, there will always be something to your liking. The Leatherman Wave remains a timeless classic for everyone.

If the pliers included in the multi-tool are most important to you, the SOG-multitool will probably suit you best because of that special serration. In addition, the nose of the pliers is often a little more pointed and precise than its counterparts.

Are you looking for a tool with a proper finish, without sharp edges and such? If you are, you might consider the Victorinox SwissTool. Of all the multi-tools this tool truly has the best finish. In addition, the tools made by Victorinox are the only ones that are produced in Europe.

Looking for something a little bigger? If you are, Gerberis your go-to brand. The Gerber multitools are all slightly bigger than the rest. It doesn’t have the elegance of a Victorinox, but the durability of a true Gerber.

The best feature of the multi-tool is that you always carry it with you, not the fact that it is the best tool for the job.

Find the multi-tools of your choice

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