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Buying guide multitools

Multi-tools are pocket-sized toolboxes. Practical and versatile. Lost sight of the multi-tools because of all the tools? We completely understand! Choosing the right multi-tool can be difficult. That is why we will help you out. Based on what you think is key when buying a multi-tool.

I want a multi-tool with pliers

Sounds obvious right? A multi-tool with pliers. This is, however, not always the case! Many multi-tools are not enhanced with pliers. And yet, they are incredibly practical. When cutting iron wires, for instance, or removing nails and staples. In short: practical! Looking for a multi-tool with pliers? We have got you covered!

I am looking for a multi-tool with one-handed opening blade

A multi-tool with one-handed opening blade has many advantages. When you are working on a ladder or scaffold and do not have both hands free. Or if you want to work quickly and effectively as you work around the house. Sounds familiar? Get a multi-tool with this functionality!

I am looking for a multi-tool with a bit holder

The screwdriver: one of the most popular tools on a multi-tool. These are often standard-sized screwdrivers, that don't fit on all screws. In all those cases a multi-tool with bit holder is a great solution. Here you can place a bit to your liking. They also enable you to replace a bit after intensive use.

I am looking for a compact multi-tool

Compact multi-tools excel when it comes to EDC use. A compact multi-tool namely has many advantages and is suited for many purposes. If you don't want your gear to become too heavy, if you are looking for a multi-tool for your bunch of keys, or when you are comprising your own EDC pouch. Sometimes: less is more!

I am looking for a multi-tool with a sheath

Multi-tools are not lightweight tools. That is why many multi-tool brands such as Leatherman and Victorinox include a sheath with their multi-tools. To make sure you can comfortably carry them on a belt. A sheath also enables you to have quick access to your multi-tool. So many advantages!

I know what I want to spend on a multi-tool

With a couple hundred different multi-tools there is always one that will suit your price range. Whether you are looking for a budget multi-tool or perhaps a premium multi-tool made from a top-quality type of steel. We made a list of the three most distinctive price ranges.

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