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Le Creuset La Fonte enamel wok 36 cm, orange

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€ 239,00
SKU: LC25104360900460

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Full description

This orange Le Creuset Fonte enamel wok pan 36 cm is made from massive cast iron. A decent, top-quality pan that will last for generations. Thanks to the conductive qualities of the cast-iron the pan can properly retain and spread the heat well. If the pan is heated on a medium-high heat a small heat source is enough to keep the pan on a high temperature.

This wok can be used on all heat sources, including induction and in the oven. It comes with a metal lid to make sure you can use the pan to stew and steam. The lid is enhanced with a fenol-knob which can also be used in the oven.

In addition to cooking in it you can also easily use the pan to keep dishes cool in the fridge or freezer. As such you could, for instance, use the pan as a serving dish on a hot summer's day.

Le Fonte enamel pans

Le Creuset Fonte enamel pans are cast in cast-iron. For each individual pan a mould is made from sand. This mould is filled with cast-iron. It is finished with a nice enamel non-stick coating. The outside is enhanced with one of the characteristic Le Creuset colours.

The result is a decent, heavy pan. A real style icon, perfect to last for generations. This method makes every pan unique, subtle differences can, after all, not be ruled out. One of the characteristic features of these world-famous pans.

Kitchen utensils

Le Creuset recommends using silicon spatulas in this pan. You could also use wooden spatulas, metal spatulas, however, are not allowed.

Clean the pan before the first use and dry it well. In addition, always select a fitting heat source to match the base diameter of the pan. When using a gas hob make sure that the flames cannot spread around the sides of the pan. The flames should only hit the base. Also don't immediately place the hot pan under a cold tap, this could damage it. Make sure it has enough time to cool off. This pan is dishwasher proof. Do, however, realize that with frequent use this could affect the enamel finish.

History of Le Creuset pans

The basis for the success of the Le Creuset pans started in 1924 a the fair in Brussels. Armand Desaegher (specialist in cast-iron) and Octave Aubecq (specialist in enamel) joined forces and decided to establish a company. It turned out to be an amazing decision. Ever since 1925 they have been conquering the world with the enamel Le Creuset pans.

Throughout the years Le Creuset has continued to innovate. Time and time again one returned to the drawing board for new designs, models and colours. This urge to innovate is the reason that today, over 90 years later, these iconic pans are still the best in the world. Unparalleled production quality and leading designs and colours have turned Le Creuset into an icon.


Brand Le Creuset
Colour orange
Country of origin France

Le Creuset La Fonte enamel wok 36 cm, orange


General information

Brand Le Creuset
Colour orange
Country of origin France
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects lifetime


Material handle cast iron
Material cast iron

Scope of delivery

Delivered as a set no
Including lid yes

Features & functions

Dishwasher safe no
Can go into the oven yes
Handle yes, two handles
Cold grip no
Heat Source ceramic, electric, gass, halogen, induction, oven
Non-stick layer enameled
Type wok

Dimensions & weight

Diameter 36 cm
Weight 4521 grams
Handle length 3 cm
€ 239,00

± 1 week

This product has been ordered. The delivery time is an indication. Please take delays into account.

0 review(s)

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