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Order with Engraving

Order with Engraving
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7 reviews
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Personalise your product with an engraving

When you are looking for a personalised gift, or a way to create your own unique knife, we can engrave your knife for you. Our laser engravings make a nice knife really something special. Would you like to give a unique present to someone? Let your product be engraved!

Your engraving in 4 steps

  1. Create a design for the engraving with the Design Tool and select a position for the engraving
  2. Order your product along with “Order with Engraving”. After this you will receive an e-mail
  3. Please reply to the e-mail with the design number, position, and the article number of your product
  4. We will engrave and ship your order out as soon as possible

The detailed explanation of your engraving

Step 1: design and position

Design your engraving with our Design Tool. This can be done before or after you have made your order. The design will then have a design number.

Depending on the product you want you can choose several positions for the engraving:

Go to our Design Tool

Step 2: Order

You order the product: “Order with Engraving” next to the product you want engraved.

Step 3: Send us your design and preferred position

After you have made the order you will get an e-mail from us about your engraving. Please reply to the email with the following information:

  • The number of the design you have made in our Design Tool
  • The exact product to be engraved, and please be as specific as possible because one order can contain multiple products that can be engraved.
  • The position where you would like the design to be engraved

Step 4: We check the engraving

When we have received the order and all information will check whether it is possible. If this is so we will engrave the product.

Conditions and FAQ’s

  1. Assess for yourself whether the engraving is feasible. Look at the size of the product and how much room there is for an engraving. Of course we will check everything before we engrave a product, but we want to make sure you have the right expectation of what is possible.
  2. Per design you order "Order with Engraving" once. When for instance four blades should have the same design you only pay the engraving costs once. When creating your design, please start out from the biggest knife. We will scale down the design to fit the smaller knives. When you would you like to have two knives engraved with different designs, you would pay the engraving costs twice.
  3. An image or logo can only be engraved in black. If a shade is closer to black than to gray it will automatically be engraved in black. Is a shade closer to white? Then the machine does not engrave that line. It is best to provide us with black and white images, since they can be engraved best.
  4. Make sure the image is large enough. The bigger and sharper the image, the better the end result. With a small image or low resolution, fine details will be lost.
  5. We ship the order when the engraving is completed. When all information is provided correctly we can immediately engrave your product. In most cases engraving won’t have any effect on our delivery time. Only on very busy days the delivery can be delayed with one day.
  6. The engraving can vary slightly from the design you have in mind. We will do our very best to create a beautiful design on your product!
  7. The engraving is done by a laser and does not damage the product. It is not like etching. We can only engrave on a flat, steel surface. Engraving on plastic, micarta, rubber, leather or other surfaces is not possible. On steel the engraving will appear gray or black, and with a black coated blade the engraving is khaki-coloured.
  8. When we engrave your product you keep full warranty. You can, obviously, not return the product once you have ordered with engraving.
Artikelnr.: ENGRAV
Order with Engraving
in stock  
€ 4.95
Reviews     (10)   Average score from 7 review(s)
Naam: Zaida , Broadway
Datum: 06 July 2017

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations
This reviews comes from and has been translated for you by Google TranslateThank you very much for all the team who helped me with the engraving. It is very nice and just how I wanted. Not too big but still visible. Very nice touch to a gift.
Naam: B, london
Datum: 25 May 2017

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations
This reviews comes from and has been translated for you by Google TranslateOrdered an engraving but the one made on the site didn't fit. They let me supply my own graphic to the correct size and never gave the impression it was a hassle.

The laser etch looks really sharp and clear - much better than an actual engraving though not as deep cut.

All good and well worth the extra expense if it's a gift especially.
Naam: Hayley, Poole
Datum: 26 September 2016

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations

Naam: william walsh, tuam
Datum: 08 September 2016

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations
This reviews comes from and has been translated for you by Google Translatehad my sons signature done for his knife and was absolutely the same as the image we sent looked really good
Naam: Anoniem, Stoke on Trent
Datum: 28 June 2016

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations
This reviews comes from and has been translated for you by Google TranslateAbsolutely fantastic. Such a nice touch to a present. Service was amazing. I emailed for help and was given great help and response times were fab. Thank you
Naam: Ashley Ahn, Sheffield
Datum: 06 June 2016

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations
This reviews comes from and has been translated for you by Google TranslateI was a bit worried of receiving a poorly engraved ugly knife since I don't usually rely on online shops when I deal with such things like this which require an accurate communication in between. However, it was just silly me being anxious over one of the top-rated online kitchen tool stores. The knife has arrived with a nicely engraved autograph on it as I desired, I'm in love with it. I would definitely recommend this great service for any of those who wants to own a meaningful, personal tool in the kitchen. I feel like I have already become a regular here at Knivesandtools, will be constantly purchasing stuff in the future!
Naam: Anoniem, cleethorpes
Datum: 10 May 2016

   General score
   Price vs. quality
   Meets expectations
This reviews comes from and has been translated for you by Google Translateexcellent ! Good definition and very professional