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Steripen Classic 3™ UV water purifier

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€ 79,95
SKU: KD60110058

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The Katadyn Steripen Classic 3™ UV water purifier ensures that you will always have safe drinking water close. Compared to other water purification systems this products works with an UV light (UV-C). With the UV-light you can purify water up to 8000 times. The UV-light fights off the micro-organisms in the water to make sure you don't get sick. This Steripen destroys 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and protozoa. Perfect for every outdoor enthusiast, traveller and backpacker.

You use the Steripen Classic 3™ with four AA batteries (not included). However, to make sure the stripen will always function we recommend Lithium and NiMH batteries. Before you need to replace the batteries you can use the purifier to clean 100 to 150 litres of water. If you use Alkaline batteries you can clean up to 25 litres of water.

How to use the Steripen Classic 3™

The Steripen is incredibly easy to use. You can clean half a litre or one litre of water. The Steripen needs approximately 48 seconds to purify half a litre of water. If you want to clean one litre of water you only need to wait 90 seconds.

If you are dealing with cloudy water it is best if you first use the included 40x40 micron filter. This filter fits perfectly on a bottle with a diameter of 6.3 cm. Before you fill the bottle you add the filter to your water bottle. Open the valve and hold the bottle under water. By doing this you remove all the particles that could block the UV-light in the water.

As soon as you have filled the bottle with clear water, you remove the protective cover of the Steripen. Click once and you will purify half a litre of water and click twice to purify a litre. The indicators above the switch directly show you how much water you have purified. As soon as these indicators turn green you submerge the pen in clear water and stir until the indicator starts to blink. You can now drink the water.


The Steripen Classic 3™ comes with one 40x40 micron filter and a solid case to safely and easily take the Steripen with you.


Brand Katadyn
Colour white, blue
Country of origin China

Steripen Classic 3™ UV water purifier


General information

Brand Katadyn
Colour white, blue
Country of origin China
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects 3 year

Features & functions

Works on 4x AA lithium batteries, 4x AA alkaline batteries, 4x AA NiMH batteries
Reduces bad taste no
Pre filter yes
Removes bacteria yes
Removes protozoa yes
Removes viruses yes, 99,999%
Type UV Water filter

Scope of delivery

Supplied batteries not included

Dimensions & weight

Weight 89 grams
Length 18.6 cm
Diameter 4.3 mm
€ 79,95

In stock

Fast delivery from our own stock

0 review(s)

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