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Katadyn water filter: turns water into drinking water

With Katadyn products clean water is a given, no matter where you are. Functional like a Swiss pocket knife the range of Katadyn offers various solutions for water purification. From small water filters in a foldable bottle to large 10 Litre bags with a built-in filter, Katadyn has it all. One thing, however, they all have in common is the high standard of the quality, reliability and ease of use. For that reason the army and many aid organisations army rely on the Katadyn products.

Katadyn: Swiss quality

Katadyn is a Swiss-based market leader when it comes to portable and personal water systems for the outdoor and maritime industry. Keeping the guiding principle of ‘turning water into drinking water’ in mind, Katadyn has been developing and producing its portable water filters, Desalinators and chemical disinfectants for camping, hiking or global travel.