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Okatsune pruning and hedge shears: from the land of the rising sun


Okatsune pruning and hedge shears belong to the best on the market. In Japan they have known for centuries how to forge the best knives and swords. So why not razor-sharp pruning shears? Okatsune even uses a type of steel that was used for Katana-swords in the past. Optimal resilience and razor-sharp at the same time. According to many botanists and garden lovers a joy to work with.

Okatsune: deceptively simple

When you look at the Okatsune shears they might look like simple products. Simple wooden handles on the shears, and the luxurious hinged springs you sometimes find on other pruning shears are missing from the Okatsune shears. As such you might think that time stood still at Okatsune. Perhaps that is true, however, in this case time standing still is not a bad thing! Okatsune’s techniques, materials and grinds have definitely proven themselves over the years. Never change a winning team, and for that reason the Okatsune pruning shears have been the same for years. Wonderfully familiar.

From the centuries old Bonsai tradition

Who thinks of Japanese gardening probably immediately thinks of the Bonsai. The cute little trees and the pruning process which has become a true art form in Japan. For hundreds of years one has been practicing the art of Bonsai. Perfectly pruning a tree according to a certain philosophy can only be done with precise tools. As a result the Okatsune shears are the preferred tool for the job!