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Backpacks and pouches for any adventure

A good backpack is perhaps the most underestimated part of your daily equipment. Whether you go hiking in the mountains, camping in the woods or simply travel to work on a daily basis: a good backpack will really make a difference. The fit, sustainability of the materials used and innovative inventions that will make your life a little easier are key. A good backpack will safely store your belongings and will last for years. Here you will find the best backpacks.


A pouch is a compact bag made from top-quality materials that helps you organize the items you carry with you on a daily basis. You have, for instance, enough room for a multi-tool with all its accessories, a flashlight with additional battery, paracord, a lighter and many other items that could come in handy. You could consider a pouch to be a type of extension of your pocket: items you use on a daily basis, but not so often you store them in your pocket can be stored in your pouch.

Almost all of the pouches and backpacks we sell have been enhanced with a MOLLE system to be able to mount the pouches and storage cases on backpacks and tactical clothing.