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Fiskars axes

Fiskars is a Finnish brand, founded in 1649. The orange colour is a recurring element that also features in the axes of Fiskars. 

The fact that Fiskars as a brand is ancient, does not mean that they do not innovate. On the contrary! Where axes of competitors still look antique, Fiskars has chosen modern materials and techniques.

Plastic handles

All Fiskars axes are equipped with a plastic handle. This fibreglass reinforced plastic is called FiberComp by Fiskars. The axe head is integrated in the handle and will never become loose. Also, breaking of the handle is a thing of the past. Fiskars axes have a life time warranty.

PTFE coated axe head

The axe heads of Fiskars axes have a PTFE coating. This smooth material, known from the non-stick frying pans, ensures that the head does not become immovably clamped in the wood. You can always loosen the axe. And on top of all these benefits, Fiskars axes are quite affordable, too.