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Kindling Cracker: quickly and easily split wood without an axe

The Kindling Cracker is the easiest and safest way to cleave wood. You namely don't need a splitting axe, only this Kindling Cracker and a hammer. This means you no longer have to work with sharp tools. It was made in Australia from one piece of cast iron and therefore rock-solid. If you take good care of it, it will last for generations.

School project that got out of control

The Kindling Cracker started out as a school project introduced by the then 13-year-old Ayla from New Zealand. She comes from an area where it gets really cold in winter, so fire wood is no unnecessary luxury. She saw her mother struggle with a splitting hammer. That is why she came up with a more clever and easier way to split wood. Throughout the years the Kindling Cracker has won multiple rewards and is now sold worldwide.

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