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Practical camping gadgets

When you go camping you want to have the most practical camping gadgets close. Knivesandtools sells the most extensive range of accessories to make sure you leave home prepared, because as we all know: well begun is half done. But what are you supposed to take with you when you go camping? Which gadgets will make camping a little more comfortable, fun and easier? At this page you will find many practical gadgets for on the camp-site to make sure you can enjoy your experience without restrictions.

Water filters

In addition to a tent and sleeping bag there are many more products that are essential when you leave for the camp-site. Think, for instance, of water. Is the water drinkable where you're going? In our range you will find practical water filters. With a water filter you can clean the water after which you can drink it! Clean water is not always available, it is however, a necessity.

Camping lights

A camping light is indispensable when you go camping. In our range of camping lights you will find ambient lights and practical lights. Think about what your camping light should adhere to such as: the maximum light output, if you can or cannot recharge it, the colour of the light, the number of light modes and the beam distance.

Building a fire

When you think of camping you probably also think of a campfire. In addition to it being warm it is also very practical. To prepare dinner, for instance, or to light up your surroundings. Fire is one of the most famous and oldest techniques to survive. Today you could, of course, use a lighter or match, but are you looking for something that will always work? If so go for a fire starter to build a fire.

Camping axes

Camping and campfire are inextricably linked. We selected the best camping axes to make sure you leave your house prepared. With these camping axes you can chop up kindling or you can use the axe for lighter splitting tasks. Typical for camping axes is that you often use the axe with one hand and that they fit inside your backpack.


Good binoculars are key when you want to look at something that is located far away. There are different binoculars for various situations such as on safari, when spotting birds or observing game. Knivesandtools sells the perfect binoculars based on the situation you want to use it for.

Backpacks and pouches

Your backpack is the basis for your equipment when you go camping. It is therefore key you purchase a good bag. Also don't underestimate the value of a good pouch. A pouch has enough room for a multi-tool and a number of accessories such as a flashlight, paracord and a power bank. Most backpacks and pouches in our range are enhanced with the MOLLE-system. With it you can easily attach pouches and storage cases on backpacks and tactical clothing.

Head torches

A head torch is great when you go camping. It is a practical gadget on the camp-site. The main advantage of a head torch is the fact that you will have both hands free. With a head torch you can easily walk in the dark or read a book. If you often use a head torch why not check out our rechargeable head torches.

Drinking bottles

A bottle of water is indispensable when on the road or on the camp-site. Today plastic bottles are outdated which is why we offer sustainable drinking bottles. They can be refilled, are light-weight, strong, free from strange substances and environmentally-friendly. You will find your perfect bottle in our range.

Outdoor cooking

The BBQ is often favoured when thinking of a hot meal. However, cooking yourself is so much more fun. For the culinary campers we made a selection of the best stoves, burners, pans, sporks, water filters and drinking bottles to make sure you can cook to your hearts content.

Pocket knives and multi-tools

We have selected and tested hundreds of knives and multi-tools because everyone knows: a good knife is indispensable. We selected top-quality knives and remarkable brands for an amazing price. With an extensive collection you will definitely find the right knife or multi-tool for your needs.


A flashlight should be a part of your standard gear when you go camping. In our range you will find top-quality flashlights we tested extensively. Flashlights come in many shapes and sizes and our range is therefore varied. Rechargeable flashlights are also practical on the camp-site. Think of individual rechargeable batteries, a battery that is charged in the light itself or select a flashlight with a USB-connection.


Paracord is an incredibly strong, light-weight cord made from nylon. It was originally designed for paratroopers, but today it is an indispensable tool for outdoor enthusiasts. You use it while camping, rock climbing or sailing. Paracord is compact and easy to take with you by turning it into a lanyard or bracelet.

Off grid power

Are you going camping without power? With the off grid power solutions you will have your own power supply no matter the circumstances. Perfect when charging your smartphone or GPS! With the Off Grid Power products you use the force of the wind or the sun to charge your smartphone, camera, GPS or flashlight. In addition, it is sustainable!

Survival kits

Are you going back-to-basics? If so a survival kit is a real must-have. It is an all-in-one solution for emergency situations. It contains a number of products that can come in handy during your adventure. As such you will be prepared for everything. Survival kits are indispensable to outdoor enthusiasts.


Digging a hole to build a fire or a trench around the tent for drainage? If so a spade should be a part of your gear when you go camping. In our range you will find different spades, even some you can fold. We also offer spades you can use to secure tent pegs in the ground. If you namely push back the blade of the spade you will be left with a hammer head. Practical!

Camping saws

A saw can definitely come in handy when you go camping. Use it, for instance, to saw firewood or to cut branches to size when you are planning on building shelter for the night. We made a selection of the best camping saws.