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Water bottles, sports bottles and drinking bottles

Plastic bottles are definitely a thing of the past. For that reason we have a wide range of practical and sustainable drinking bottles. All these bottles are light-weight, sustainable, strong and they do not contain any strange substances. Factors that are key when you are deciding to purchase a drinking bottle. You can take the bottles with you on your journeys, but you could, of course, also use them during a hike or bike ride, or store them in your car or at work. The drinking bottles come in many different shapes and sizes, designs and with different caps. Varying from a practical sport cap to a leak proof cap. All bottles in our range are, of course, BPA-free.

Reusable drinking bottles: environmentally friendly

An unimaginable amount of plastic ends up in our environment. Fortunately we can get rid of a part of that amount by banishing plastic bottles. How? Simple. Purchase a reusable water bottle and stop using plastic bottles. And let’s be honest, it is always a good idea to have a bottle of water with you as it means you don’t have to purchase a new one every time you go out. As a result you not only save the environment, you also save some money!