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Z-Saw: top-quality Japanese pull saws

Is it Zetsaw? Or simply Z-saw? To be really frank, we don't even know for sure. The logo says Zetsaw, but they often call themselves Z-saw. We will stick to the latter. In the end it namely all comes down to if they are good saws. And there is no doubt about it. Z-saws are an amazing choice for the more economically conscious user. The saw blades are rock-solid and flexible, but are also easy to replace. You don't need tools to do so. Great saws for a great price. What more could you possibly ask for?

About Z-Saw

Z-saw saws are produced in Miki, Japan. This is the heart of the Japanese metal industry. Ever since the 40s Z-Saw has been producing traditional hand saws. And they were one of the first companies in Japan to introduce the Hard Impulse heat treatment. During this treatment the hardness of the teeth is maximized. This means that the teeth last a long time and won't quickly become blunt.

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