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Paracord: indispensable for outdoor enthusiasts

Paracord is the short name for parachute cord. An incredibly strong, light-weight nylon cord that can be used for all sorts of tasks while camping, mountain climbing, sailing and around the house. For instance, to make a lanyard or wrist band. Or a robust bracelet perfect for any survival adventure. And this also means that you will always carry a piece of paracord with you.


Initially paracord was designed for paratroopers serving the U.S. army. Today, however, it is an indispensable tool for any outdoor enthusiast. It is so popular because it is strong, sustainable and reliable. In addition, it can be divided into several cord lengths. Do, however, make sure you melt the ends together when you cut a piece off to make sure it won’t fray and to make sure the inner and outer threads stay together. Also great: because it is so popular paracord is now also available in many different versions and colours. Cool right?

550 Paracord

550 Paracord is a light-weight cord with a nylon outer jacket and a core comprised of seven strands and a diameter of approximately 4 mm. The number 550 in the name represents the weight of 550 pounds (about 250 kg) which it can handle. If the paracord is too thick and the maximum amount of tensile force is not needed you can remove this core. The thinner strands from the core could possibly, in case of an emergency, even be used as material to make sutures. We haven’t tested this ourselves!

Mil-Spec and Nani-paracord: incredibly strong and very thin

The standard 550 paracord can be used for many tasks, but there are also a lot of other versions out there. We, for instance, also have Mil-Spec-paracord, made according to American military specifications.  Just a little tighter bound and a little more flexible in use. In addition, there is also something called NanoCord: incredibly thin paracord for finer applications.

Beads, Fish Bones and dispensers: accessories for paracord

Paracord enthusiasts are often also fans of beads, Fish Bones and dispensers. A bead is a stunning little addition for your paracord-lanyard. Paracord beads, however, are sometimes also added to paracord bracelets as a fun little detail. Available in many different colours and materials. Use Fish Bones to quickly, and safely use your paracord for an endless amount of tasks without having to remove knots. Attach a dispenser to your belt or bag and you will immediately have your paracord close. Pull out the amount of paracord you need and cut it off with the built-in knife. Simple and quick without needing any other tools.